You Need to Grow Your Development Team

When it comes to growing their dev teams, software product companies don’t have many good options.

They can compete fiercely to attract and retain local talent. Or they can look in far away places and deal with all the collateral cultural friction.

The competition for talent is a real thing. A David vs Goliath battle that rages from Bay Area to the East Coast, through Europe, and just about everywhere else in the world. Those who win this war are most likely to win the market.

Competition Is Fierce

In the old days you could ignore the competition. You had the only cool company in town and wanted the very people who didn’t fit in the corporate environment of the day.

Today you have to compete with the big guys and the not-so-big-guys. And they all have more of everything than you: more brand, more mindshare, more money to offer, liquid stock, their products are used by zillions of people, etc.

So, what are the alternatives?

Think Outside the (Geography) Box

First of all, think outside your office. Do you really need everybody in your team to be sitting next to you?

Think outside your city. Does everybody in your team have to live in your city, so they can come to your office, and sit right next to you? Really?

We have a quick video that may help you make up your mind:

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Project or Product?

The first to be clear about is whether you are looking for help with a few projects or whether you need to grow your development team to expand your product or platform.

Let’s talk about it!

Co-located or Distributed?

Do you want your remote team to work out of a single remote office? Or can people work from their home or in a coworking space?

The co-located model is the standard model, so we know that works, albeit with some disadvantages.

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The Nearsoft Way

Nearsoft works exclusively with software product companies and startups. We help our clients grow their dev team with engineers in Mexico. Talented product developers, close by, and well aligned in time and culture. That’s us!

No More Recruiting

We are not a staffing company.

But we do recruit great talent.

With contingency recruiters, you get lots of resumés, but you still have to wade through the pile to find the good ones.

We check every candidate for technical and cultural fit.
Of course, you have the final word, but by the time you see them, we know they are going to be a great match.

Stop Recruiting!

No More Offshoring

Your Nearsoft engineers are physically and culturally close. And there’s no time zone separation to speak of.

“The Nearsoft engineers are not there just to execute. They push back on directives and challenge the project plans to come up with the best long-term solution. Basically, the Nearsoft guys care and are invested in my company. You don’t get that with traditional outsourcing companies.”

— Reza Rassool, CTO, Kwaai Oak

Stop Offshoring!

Are You Ready for a Self-Managed Agile Team?

They go by many names: ”self-organized,” “self-organizing,” and “self-managed“ are the most popular.

Regardless of what you may call them, Self-organizing teams are a hallmark of Agile software development, directly affecting team effectiveness and project success.

How Effective Are They?

According to Brittany Hunter, a software designer at Atomic Object, self-managed teams have been very effective in their experience, including,

  • Better, faster communication
  • More trust between client & product team
  • Less conflict
  • Increased motivation
  • Informed decision-making

Can Nearsoft Help?

It really depends. We work with software development companies, exclusively.

If that fits you and you are looking for a long term partner, we might be able to help.

We’ve been dealing with this situation for almost 10 years now and we’ve been very successful in attracting people who speak up, self-direct, and show initiative.

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