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The Nearsoft Wellbeing project started out as a Leadership Team with community members who were interested in the wellbeing of their teammates. The first meetings started in the summer of 2017 and set the first brick of what would become one of our most successful programs.

Everything you are about to experience is based on two principles,

Happiness at work can only be achieved when people stop struggling with “work-life balance.”

Teammate wellness leads to positive effects in productivity and ownership.

Here’s what we’ve done to  contribute to everyone’s wellness since the program started mid 2017,

Emotional Health


therapy sessions


family therapy sessions


relaxing massages



nutrition appointments


nutrition workshops

Financial Health


participants in the program


finance workshops 

Physical Health

106 gym classes with a personal trainer

25 physiotherapy sessions

70 self-defense classes

45 dance classes

120 muay thai classes

60 tennis classes

34 yoga classes

20 football games

12 basketball games

16 voleyball games

22 ping-pong tournament

17 group bike rides

95% of Nearsoftnians feel that their quality of life has improved after participating in the program.

68% of Nearsoftnians feel their relationship as teammates has improved after participating in the program.

The Wellbeing Experience

The Wellbeing program provides tools that help me with stress management and they work if I use them. Any kind of support is useful if you take ownership of your personal wellbeing. As a result, my quality of life improves.

The therapeutic process has helped me in my personal and work life. It allows me to be more efficient at work.

It has helped me to achieve a balance of my work and personal life.

The fact that Nearsoft supports us with this program is very important to me. It makes me feel that Nearsoft cares about me.

I have seen a strong positive change in my life.

This quotes have been taken from surveys to completely anonymous Nearsoftians.

Investing in your team’s health is the first step to a successful company.
It’s a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it.

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