Outsourcing Software Development in Local Time

Low Cost Offshoring and Other Myths

There are a bunch of myths around lowering your development costs by going overseas. The reality is that after you add it all up, these “savings” turn out to be mythical. This is definitely the case for software product companies and startups. They are not making widgets. They want to build great products and that only happens from a well integrated team of dedicated people, who care and are invested in your products.

Developing software is hard enough as it is and splitting the team across time zones is just plain nuts. When your local team is up and about, the offshore team is in bed, and viceversa. If you’ve lived through this, you know it doesn’t work.

Software development requires a lot of real-time interactions, all day long. If people are more than two time zones apart, they are not going to interact enough or effectively and you essentially end up with two separate teams. This is not a formula for creating great products.

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