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Work Hard, Have Fun:
a Day-in-the-Life at Nearsoft

Professionals spent most of their waking hours at work, and they should be meaningful and fun.

Nearsoft is a great place to work and a democratically run company. In fact, we’ve been ranked as a TOP 20 as a Great Place to Work for the last six years in a row; we have also have been honored to be inducted in the list of Most Democratic Workplaces for five years in a row.

We are supported by our Values, guided by our Principles, lead by our Vision, and inspired by our Noble Cause,


To be clear, these are not a list of five “power” words and phrases that “the boss” came up with one day. These are the core, living values that we identified as a team.

We did that about four years back (playing Innovation Games). It’s probably about time to review them again and rediscover our living values.

Hope that you can join us in time to help us go through the next round of discovery



Long-term Relationships

Be smart & gets things done


Working Principles




Noble Cause

Making money is the function of every business, Nearsoft included. But this is not the company's reason for being.

Arching over our Values, Principles, and even our Vision, Nearsoft's Noble Cause is to promote technology entrepreneurship beyond our four walls.

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