Reduce Attrition with a Nearshore Partner

At Encora we are aware one of the main reasons our clients come to us is to minimize their team attrition. The longevity and success of any software product development project can be crippled if the team has to constantly retrain and reassemble.

We want our clients to experience a true partnership where they can call their augmented team their own, but also count on them for the long-term. Here’s how we do it:

Organizational Culture
Reduces Churn

Nearsoftians at Work

Our People and Culture team promotes an organizational culture of respect and integrity based on the individual wellbeing of our team members. Where every person is helped to grow as a professional and a human being.

Our focus on the individual needs of each person is what makes our engagement model with our teams unique. Engineers feel taken care of and know that they have a place in their team and their company.

A People-centered Approach to Team Augmentation

Our people-centered approach is inspired in the Agile Manifesto’s idea of “people, before processes.” While we have static processes in place like an on boarding, annual 360 assessment, career development and a mentorship program; we are flexible enough to ensure that every professional joining our company has the unique experience they need in order to succeed with their software development team.

A good example is how we welcome someone new, we create a specific communication channel for that person with IT, People and Culture, their mentor, recruitment and every member that will have something to do with their onboarding.

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Software Team Health
is Key to Avoid Attrition

Nearsoftians at Work

Through the experience of each person we learn about their relationship with their team. We think of them as allies that help us keep the team accountable to themselves and responsible for each others’ growth.

For example, our feedback processes promote an open session where people can understand that they are an integral part of the team while receiving feedback that can help keep them accountable.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the health of the individual and the team. We recognize this, and although our primary focus is the individual’s wellbeing, we intervene in the layers around which they belong: their company, their team and their relation with our client.

A Bottom-up Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

The outer layer of our organizational culture includes a bottom-up strategy for diversity and inclusion. This means we prioritize funds and dialogue for internal communities based on their own identity and life experience that come about organically. Instead of “controlling” the narrative we actively support their right to self-organize and promote their ideas.

Our goal is to give Encorians (members of Encora) the freedom to be themselves and enjoy the vast diversity of wealth and knowledge that this brings to our worldwide organization.

Our organizational culture creates value for our community members by ensuring their well being and overall growth, and also for our client in having responsible and caring software engineers that can work as the best they can be.

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Encora can augment your team with experienced engineers from around the world. Our glocal capabilities allow us to custom-tailor a software team to your specific needs. Encorians work passionately to take ownership of their client’s products and make it a success.

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