How do you find people so quickly? Do you just grab the first “warm body” to come along?

No, we don’t just grab warm bodies.  In fact, we work hard (and smart) to find people who “think right,” have very good experience and are good team players.

We can do this, and do it quickly, only because we are always looking for talent and keep a long, up-to- date pipeline of candidates.

We follow a 10-step recruiting process and the first eight of those are completed as soon as a candidate is identified.  This is a significant, but strategic investment for the company.

  1. Identify resume with appropriate skills and experience.
  2. Initial, one-on-one phone interview to spot-check claims made in the resume
    • Ask candidates to be specific about what they did in their resumes.  Not what the company did, or their team did, but about their individual contribution.
    • Ask candidates to speak some English up front to determine if they are going to be capable of handling the Logic Test.
  3. Most likely, we will also ask the candidate to transpose his resume to our format.  This is important for various reasons,
    • to make sure we have complete information on the candidate,
    • to make it easier to identify “holes” or weak spots in the candidate’s background,
    • to normalize our database of resumes, so they can be compared among each other.
  4. The candidate is asked to take our Logic Test that checks out how self-disciplined the candidate is, not what the candidate knows (that comes later).  This has turned out to be an excellent tool to identify candidates who “think right.”
  5. Initial, one-on-one phone interview to check level of spoken English.
  6. The candidate is interviewed over the phone by one of our engineers to determine if we should do an in-person technical interview.
  7. The candidate is interviewed by the folks in Hermosillo, in Spanish.  We’ve already checked English fluency earlier, so at this stage we want to figure out the candidate’s depth of knowledge in technical areas.
  8. Next, the Task Interview is either a Pair Programming test for developers (including QA Automation developers) or a Manual Testing tasks.  This is as close as possible to the typical working environment.  The candidate can search the web for information, ask questions, discuss an approach, etc., much like it would happen throughout a working day.  During this interview we observe how the candidate works in teams, how they evolve their ideas, how fluent they are using their favorite tools, etc.
  9. An up-or-down decision is made by the interviewing team in what we call the Thumbs meeting.
  10. If the candidate gets a Thumbs Up, then s/he has a final interview is with one or more client representatives.  At this point we are pretty confident that the candidate would make a great member of the team.
  11. Reference checks happen.
  12. Terms are negotiated with the candidate and an offer is made.

Once the offer is accepted,

  1. Arrangements are made for the new employee, including the move, temporary housing, desk, computer, telephone, email, etc.
  2. Our orientation program trains them in our tools and processes so s/he can become well integrated with the existing Nearsoft team.
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