How many rounds of interviews will there be?

Although the details of a session will vary according to the role, the number of steps of our process is the same,

  • Logic Test. This really is more about self-discipline than logic. It is a 20-question, multiple choice test. We highly recommend that you take a full hour to complete in a quiet place, without interruptions.
  • English Interview. A 5 to 10-minute call to determine if you can hold a conversation in English.
  • Tech Screen. A 10 to 15-minute call with an appropriate technical person to determine if it makes sense to continue with the process.
  • Profile Interview. Traditional Q&A interview to get to know you better and figure out what you are strongest at.
  • Task Interview. In this session, we’ll ask you to do something specific to your skillset. Something like write software, design a UI, implement a page, create test cases, etc.

After this everybody who has talked to you gets together to decide whether or not to make an you an offer.

In addition to technical skills, our decision weighs heavily on “cultural fit,” that is, our estimate of how closely you already are living our values. Even if you are very skilled and experienced, we won’t make an offer if we feel that there’s not a good cultural fit. On the other hand, we have hired people who didn’t didn’t have as much experience as other candidates, but because these folks were so well attuned to our culture they advanced very rapidly with nominal mentorship.

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