Engagement Journey

So you found Nearsoft and would like to know if it will be easy to establish a true synergy with our community? Our engagement process is very aligned with our culture, it’s like a journey.

Here’s the big picture of how engaging with Nearsoft will work for you.

Are we a good fit?

The first contact comes in the form of the Marketing and Sales team. A contact request might come from our site and Fausto will immediately contact you back.

Our response time is crazy, less than five minutes. There’s also a chance someone contacted another member of the team personally.

Together with the prospect we decided if we’re a good fit. Here’s the chance to answer all your questions.

We usually engage in long term relationships, we’re the marrying kind. NDA’s are not a problem, let’s get it signed so we can get the ball rolling.

So, what kind of team do you need? Big or small, one language or another, we can reclute it all.

If you want to talk pricing that will require a brief chat directly with our founders.

Are we a good fit?

Let’s Get that Agreement Signed

Nearsoft is a very unique and straight-forward company, you’ll get a glimpse of that with the terms of our agreement. We are aware some companies require a full RFP, that’s easy to solve with a presentation of our flat rate services.

You might still be on the lookout with other vendors, and perhaps you’d like to talk to our client to make the final decision. We’re happy to set it up if you’re serious about taking the next step forward. After all, we don’t want to bother our clients every two minutes.

Are we a good fit?

Meeting Your Specific Needs

The partner’s team meets with what will become their routine contact teams at Nearsoft:


The Operations Team will make sure to keep track of all your needs and help you get acquainted with your extended team. The operation peeps are also experts in Agile if you need a Scrum Master or a Success Coach to keep everything flowing.


The IT team is here to take notes on what type of hardware and software you need to get your team to work.

They’ll also take care of any special requests.


One of our in house recruiters will be present to discuss the candidate pool and advise you on how the software developers you’re looking for fare in the market.

A Nearsoft senior developer is also present to use her expertise to tailor the team to the partner’s needs.

Hiring the Right Talent

Our recruiting team gets their hands dirty on this one. They track possible candidates from our current pool or find them in the wild. A complete guide to our recruitment process can be found in The Path to Nearsoft.

We have internal programs to get the job done, our 250+ software developers help us through a special referral process. And the Nearsoft Academy trains college graduates into world class software engineers in an intensive six months program. In 2017, 14 students joined our internship program and are now working with our clients.

As a bonus, we are committed to grow software development communities in Mexico. Our software engineers give talks, workshops and are members of varied organizations nationwide.

Nearsoft is very attractive to developers since we’ve been honored for eight consecutive years as a Great Place to Work. We’ve also been part of WorldBlu’s Most Democratic Workplaces list for seven years. This translates into an extensive candidate pipeline seeking to join us.

Are we a good fit?

Candidates That Match Your Technical Needs

The senior developer present at the kick-off meeting is tasked to review each of the candidates that passed our recruitment process. This is an important step to ensure the candidate’s profile matches with the project’s technical needs. She is the most qualified person to put our partner’s needs first.

Are we a good fit?

Greenlight the Best Candidate

As far as we know, the software engineers we have brought to the fold look promising. But our partners have the last word. This is your opportunity to talk with your future team and and triple check if they meet all your requirements. Triple check, since they have already been greenlighted by recruitment and our senior developer.

Your choice! It is a matter of culture fit, and having a clue of what sort of team player the candidate is.

Are we a good fit?

Ready to Code, Test and Design

We’re at the end of the road, the new Nearsoftian(s) become your team.

Although, just before that they get a few classes on the Nearsoftian culture.

We are coaching our people to be productive, to learn that here they are self managed, there is no need for permission to go to the bathroom. They also start having conversations with your team on how you handle day to day ops.


Are we a good fit?
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