MDLIVE is a telehealth provider focused on digital delivery of high-quality, convenient, and cost-efficient medical care. The company provides patients, health plans, health systems and self-insured employers with 24/7/365 access to board-certified doctors, pediatricians and licensed therapists via secure online video, phone or a smartphone app.

MDLIVE + Nearsoft

When the Nearsoft dev team started working with MDLIVE their sole provider for videoconferences was VSee Adobe Connect. This was the challenge, to start using an open source provider, instead of a third party vendor that sometimes had connectivity issues.


Pieces of a Broken System

MDLIVE’s team at Nearsoft replaced the third party provider for the open source, Web RTC. The change was made from scratch for the web version of MDLIVEConnect. The new option is also native in most browsers, giving users the possibility of using it without any downloads.

The trick was to make it run with IE. Once the product was finished for other browsers, support for IE was added; including tests.

MDLive can now offer MDLiveConnect as its primary video calling service, instead of third parties. With no third party fees! Users can now access doctors in virtually any platform with no downtime.

Our dev team is specialized in the web version of MDLIVEConnect, but they are so into the project, their ownership allowed them to support the teams in charge of the iOS and Android versions.

An Eye for Testing

JumpstartMD Patient Portal

As the team grew we also extended MDLIVE’s testing crew. Our experience with Health Level Seven (HL7), a Healthcare standard, with other major industry titans was very helpful.

QA Engineers tested every single part of MDLIVE’s products, including,

  • Patient Portal
  • Video Call requests
  • Visit Now requests
  • Web, Android and iOS apps
  • Waiting Room functionality
  • Provider Portal
  • Customer Service Portal

Immediately testing became more realiable with the Nearsoft team. Before their work, bugs went under the radar and through to production and deployment. This left users with no choice but to withdraw from the app or fail to complete an important task like keeping up with their medical appointments.

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