JumpstartMD is the largest non-surgical, medical weight management and wellness practice in Northern California. Their personalized weight-loss program is based on proven nutritional science, private coaching, and real food for lifetime, sustainable weight management.

JumpstartMD also offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), which provides members a way to remain healthy and vigorous into the second half of life by restoring optimal levels of targeted, natural, biologically identical hormones.

JumpStartMD + Nearsoft

The Nearsoft dev team jumped right into action from day one. They were given a broken-down, system with little, to no documentation. The first challenge was to take a totally foreign system, which was down, and get it to work.

Pieces of a Broken System

Pieces of a Broken System

The JumpstartMD platform was full of legacy code and pieces that no longer could connect to their providers’ services. The initial idea was to create a new system, but the hurry of connecting clients to provider services made it impossible.

Our dev team got it up and running in one day, and later integrated,

  • Salesforce
  • Hint
  • Appointment Plus
  • Elation Health

The team was also able to take the different data from providers like these and synchronize them with the JumpStartMD database. Now patients can keep track of health markers like blood pressure or weight loss, and track their progress.

A New Patient Portal

JumpstartMD Patient Portal

Originally JumpstartMD’s patient portal was working despite being a very convoluted development in Ruby. The problem came when new medical clinics were bought and the company grew. The software was impossible to scale.

The Nearsoft dev team worked together with JumpstartMD to scale it together. They created a whole new product from scratch.

The patient portal can now grow along with the business model by integrating new hospital in a revitalized and fully functioning system.

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