Free relationships, no children, acquaintances… these days it seems that not as many people are willing to engage.  And this is also happening in business relationships as well.

But if you are building a software product, then you seriously need a partner to commit to the success of your produc. You need to find the “marrying kind” and stay away from the world where projects are just “thrown over the wall.”

side-marrying kind


According to Jim Carroll, 67% of the young people in the US believe that 2-5 years is what constitutes a “long term career.” Another 67% start looking for another job on their very first day at work.  This mindset is a threat to what is at the core of every long lasting relationship: commitment!

Speaking of Values

Last week we got together in Hermosillo for our holiday celebration. We took advantage of this to better define our values as a company.  We did it by playing Innovation Games.

We played two games. We started with Prune the Product Tree (PTPT) to identify all the possible variations that people though of when we mentioned “values.” From those we extracted 14 candidate values. We selected the final five by playing Buy a Feature (BaF),

  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Long term relationships
  • Smart and get things done
  • Teamwork

During the Buy-a-Feature game there was a long, fascinating discussion about Long Term Relationships where we discovered that there is something deeper to it.  It also constitutes a personal value that each developer and each member of the company has.  It is already part of our culture, something we live on a daily basis.  This is clearly required in order to be a real committed partner to our clients.

The “Marrying Kind” Formula

For those who preferred a more visual and synthetic picture, here’s my “Marrying Kind” formula:

Long Term Relationships = Commitment + Teamwork + Long-term Vision

We have been saying in our Quick Intro video that we are focused on Long Lasting Relationships, but now we know that it is also a core value throughout our company. In a climate of loose commitments, this is one of the things that makes us different.