You can become a great developer, even if you are not considering it right now, while you’re in school. I myself fell in love with coding after graduation.

Once you commit to become a great developer, knowing how to code it’s not the only skill you need.

Discover what else is necessary to become the best!

Studying software development is a wonderful experience, there’s no doubt about it. When you are a student there a lot of things that you must learn if you want to succeed in your future job.

I personally didn’t enjoy developing software when I was studying. I preferred to configure routers and switches, and focus on network security. However, once I started to work as a developer, my attitude completely changed.

I was about to fall in love with coding.

Socializing Is Important

I have worked with amazing developers who don’t have a computer science degree. So, even if you are studying something else, keep an open mind. You may end up realizing that you’re real passion is programming.

Beyond the ability to code, it is really important to know how to socialize. This is an essential skill in general, and in software development in particular. If you’re a genius but you don’t know how interact with people, expose your ideas, and work in team, you’re not going to do well.

No matter what your situation is, development is a noble career. You can go as far as you want and continue to learn as much and as far as you want.

My Advice

What is being a software development student,

  • Look for new technologies and experiment with them.
  • Socialize, attend events, interact with others, and have fun.
  • Commit to being an autodidact, a self-learning person
  • Enjoy your life.

What to avoid,

  • Limiting your experience to the technologies suggested in your classes.
  • Study by yourself and never talk with anybody unless it’s related to school.
  • Being lazy, wasting your time.
  • Live your life according to other’s expectations.

You Still Have Time

Even if you didn’t follow my “good” advice, you’re still on time. You are still young and can learn.

Even if you are in another career path you can make the switch. One of the best software developers I have ever known learned to program on her own.

Keep trying different things until you discover your real passion. Following your own dreams and truly living will make all the difference in the world for you.