I got to the SuperHappyDevHouse (SHDH) at 5pm, after playing with my kid and talking with my family.

I am new to the SHDH in the US.  The two SHDH events I have attended have been in Hermosillo, Mexico, my home town and host of the first SHDH in Latin America. There was no parking and I counted about 100 cars parked on the walk up the hill.  At least, nobody blocked the fire hydrants.  I ended up leaving my car about half a mile away from the Rainbow Mansion, in Cupertino.  I hoped my car would still be there when I got back.

My friend Joel Franusic welcomed me at the door. I shook hands and he introduced me to Doug.  As soon as Doug heard I was from Mexico, we started talking about SHDH and Twittering in Spanish.  Joel immediately elected me as the person responsible to make that happen.

I got my name tag and tried to find a place to sit.  I counted about 150 people working on their computers, talking to each other.  I noticed that Macs had the biggest market share at this party.

By 7pm people continued to come to the party and nobody was leaving, yet.

Finally the food arrived!

Otavio showed me a demo of his application that translates text from Spanish to English on the fly.  It instantly translates an image taken with an iPhone or with your computer webcam. Expect more news from him.

I left at about 9pm.  The Lighting Talks were about ready to start but I could not stay. Next time, for sure.

I left the place energized. It is amazing seeing so many people so deeply involved with their projects. I recommend you attend the next one.

BTW, the Rainbow Mansion is looking for a roommate.