The PlanningWith.Cards team is co-hosting DojoLIVE! with David Kadavy. He is the author of Design for Hackers, a Top 20 in Amazon.

I first met David while participating as a speaker in Webprendedor. The beautiful city of Santiago, Chile hosted us and we talked about Latin America’s potential. Afterwards, he headed for Chicago and I returned to Barcelona.

Evidently, we could not stay away from Latin America because, later, David moved to Colombia and I returned to Mexico.

Productivity & Focus

When you visit David’s Medium blog, you will find many essays regarding staying focused and being more productive. You will also find his 3 Easy Steps to Keep Petty Demands from Ruining Your Best Work essay with some good points of view and great advice, like,

Don’t waste your best energy on petty demands. Keep them at bay until the time is right.

It might sound logical but in the day to day collaborative activities with your team, you get swamped with small requests that are sometimes difficult to say no to. In order to stay focused, you need to ignore these requests and stay on track.

For petty demands that can wait, have a weekly session. I like Friday afternoons, because I’m creatively tapped out.

David also talks about having a dual strategy to boost your output. Particularly for bigger tasks, he suggests starting with short tasks that will get you closer to reaching your goals.

Take a peek at his essays Build the Habit First and Use a Dual Strategy to get yourself ready for the challenges.

Hustling is a Waste of Energy

I totally agree with David’s take on hustling,

When I picture people hustling, I picture them moving in a sloppy or harried manner. I picture energy being wasted.

As David says, to be really productive, you need to focus. Hustling means doing several things at the same time and being sloppy (been there, done that). Avoid multitasking at all costs.

Being a risk-taker does not mean that you will make random or stupid bets just for the sake of being busy. As you work to find product/market fit or testing new features you need to have an understanding of the expected outcome.

Just stop proclaiming that we’re hustling. The world would be a much better place. We’d stop living in fantasy versions of ourselves.

Looking Forward to Seeing You

We are really looking forward to talking with David on Wed January 25th at 2pm CST on DojoLIVE!

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