When it comes to contracts, listen to your gut. But think of the future, too.

If you feel you can trust the person across the table, then, by all means, get ready to sign on the dotted line. Most of the time your “gut” knows what’s right.

But just before you do sign, consider that this person you implicitly trust today may not be there in the future. Evaluate the terms as if that person you now trust, let’s call her Elsa, is no longer standing behind it.

What happens if Elsa sells the company? Or she quits? What if she gets hit the proverbial truck?

Maybe the next person will be as agreeable and in tune with you as Elsa was. Or maybe his name is Brutus.

Best to make sure now that the “paper” reflects what you can agree to now and in the future. Most likely, your gut was right and the trust is mutual. At worst, you find out early that your gut was a bit off.

Just make sure you can walk away from Brutus unscathed.