I wanted to join Nearsoft badly. I had heard about it being a great place to work and other wonderful things, but I wasn’t sure how real it all was. I had joined other software companies that were kind of rigid and old school, and I simply did not fit.

Once I joined Nearsoft, I learned that it was a whole lot more than just hype, it was, indeed, a great place to boost my engineering career. Better yet, I could be myself, at my best and have fun while at it!

Getting Good before I Got Better

First, I had to hone my software development skills. I wasn’t always this good as a software developer.

Before I decided to go through Nearsoft’s stringent recruitment process, I wisely fine-tuned my engineering skills with a previous company. There I developed applications in Javascript and Ruby.

For example, I worked on a Web Scraping platform. which read info from retail sites like Best Buy and extracted product data and compared prices.

Not a Warm Body

Eventually, I proved that I was worthy of a position at Nearsoft :)

I was “ordained” as a developer and before I knew it, I got into the “zone.” I was literally sucked into the company culture and felt like a fish in a very cool, funky pond. I now had the freedom to make best use of my time without neglecting neither my family nor my professional commitments. I truly started enjoying myself and now work, family and recreation were all one and the same.

People at Nearsoft do care and I have access to the resources I need to make sure I meet all my expectations.


I am more than a warm body. It now feels just like home to me!

And not everything is sitting at a desk cranking out code. For example, I had the chance to be a Nearsoft ambassador at MagmaConf 2014, an annual event for developers, and designers from all over the world. We come together to talk about topics related to Ruby, other technologies, and best software development practices.

Willing to Risk Failure

I got the entrepreneurial itch, too.

I co-founded TopicFly, a site that provides videos, screencasts, and tutorials of web technologies related to Javascript, Grunt, AngularJS, and Elixir.

I had the chance to team up with my fellow nearsoftian Hector Yeomans. With support from Nearsoft, we have recorded and promoted tutorials in Spanish for the Latin American tech community.

Culture is Everything

The intoxicatingly fun camaraderie at Nearsoft gave me the pep I needed to grow beyond my expectations. The culture is such that you are supported and expected to grow.

Earlier experiences at other companies left me with the feeling that work could not be fun and nourishing. But at Nearsoft I discovered that work could those things, and be fun, too.