The Economy is messed up, people are losing their homes and stocks are down. This is generally “bad,” even “very bad.” However, it has had at least one good side-effect.

Recently, a good friend of mine approached me about possibly joining us at Nearsoft. I was thrilled and also surprised because he had “retired” a few years back, in the middle of the first tech bubble. He had sold his tech stock at the height of the market and did very well indeed.

Now the value of his portfolio has gone down significantly and he’s decided to go back to work.  I suspect that he’s not the only one in that position and this is good for the rest of us because, for the most part, these folks are net contributors to society.  This makes me hopeful that with their help the economy will come back sooner and stronger than people are predicting.

In the case of my friend, he is not only a dynamite, super energetic human being, but he’s also incredibly giving and generous. On top of all that, he’s multi-talented and excels at just about everything he does. So, you can understand how disappointed I was when he retired and how thrilled I am that he’s coming back. I am even more thrilled that he may join Nearsoft. I can see the company growing by 10x with his help.

Anyway, this is just a note to record the fact that every cloud, indeed, has its silver lining. Bad times, yes, but it is bringing out good people.