Freedom-Centric Culture

We invest in our culture to create a community of world class software engineers that can do their best, grow with the company, and become leaders.

What’s wrong with perks?

Nothing wrong with perks. But it does not make any lasting impact. We don’t want to hire people who come to us for the perks. We want people that aspire to greatness.

Are Adults the same as “Superstars?”

By adults, we don’t mean “superstars.” At least, not the brilliant jerk kind of “superstar.”

Adults are responsible for their actions. They also take care of others in their team. To us a “10x Developer” is the kind that inspires and leads 10 others to power up their work.

This is how great results happen, when a team of responsible adults find meaning in their work.

What kind of training?

Personal and professional. Nearsoftians are in charge of their own training. They can select the best training for their job and it is approved by a council of their own peers. We also have constant workshops on the side given by members of our community in our three locations.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a separate initiative to provide training more on the personal side of things call the Wellbeing LT. It covers topics, like money-investing and psychological welfare.

Investing in people creates wealth for everyone. They get more. You get more. It increases personal satisfaction. It lowers turnover. It improves the technology base. It results in better products.

Why invest in Culture?

Because it pays do so!

For the company, a healthy culture translates into lower costs and higher productivity. From a shorter and more efficient recruiting cycle, to higher quality products. Nearsoft wins and so do our clients.

For people, a great culture is one where they can learn, grow, and find personal meaning in their work. Their “win” is not only in their professional life, but also in their personal life as well.

Why is the feeling of “belonging” important?

Belonging might seem like a romantic concept, but we can objectively define it as the feeling of “we’re in this together.”

Even lone wolves need to be part of a pack every now and then. A feeling of belonging creates the right environment for people to ask for help before something blows up in their face. It makes it easier to learn from their mistakes, with the help of their community.

What do you mean by freedom?

People who have worked at traditional companies have a very linear mindset, “produce or be fired.” There is no space in their daily life to try new things, fail, and learn. No way to backtrack, take a deep breath, and come up with better solutions.

When people feel free, great things can happen. People can be playful when they feel safe. They experiment. They try things out. They are free to try “crazy” things. They solve problems that normally sound “impossible” or “too difficult” to do.

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