100% Client Focused

We are not going to shove the wrong people in your team.  You would not be happy with the results.  And we want you, our client, to be insanely happy with our relationship.

Since we don’t have people “on the shelf,” it takes time to put together a team. On the other hand, this fits with our focus on the long-term health of our relationship.  We take the time to put together the right team for you.

Recruiting Process

At Nearsoft, engineers hire engineers.  Our recruiting team manages the process, but in the end developers know best if a candidate is qualified and a good fit for their team.

Cultural fit is as important as technical qualifications.  For example, as the last step of our interview process we hold a Pair Programming exercise. This gives us the chance to observe how people develop their approach to a problem and how they iterate through possible solutions.  Even more important, we get to experience working side-by-side with the candidate and getting to know her in a meaningful way.

Our Full Recruitment Process

Taking Care of People

We take care of each other. This includes an extended onboarding process for new Nearsoftians, ongoing training, mentoring, bi-annual performance reviews, etc.

Most importantly, we treat each other as adults.  Besides the usual perks, this includes the freedom to be a leader.  Nearsoftians are encouraged to speak up and show initiative.

Keeping It Simple

We want to keep things simple for you and for us.  Take, for example, our pricing. Our invoicing consists of a flat weekly rates, a rate for Developers and a rate for Manual Testers.  That’s it!  You get to invest your time on working with a great team, building great products instead of acting as “hour police.”

We don’t make distinction between “Senior” and “Junior” people, either. From the start, we are committed to finding the people you need with the skills and experience you need.  What’s really important is how effective the team is and leveraging the value of each of its member.

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