Nearsoft is all about software development.

Our teams self-manage and deliver on time.
We treat our work as a craft and learn from each other.
We constantly raise the bar.

You’ll have
the best team.

Nearsoftians at Work

We hire the right people.

Hiring “the best” is not enough. We hire people who are smart and get things to work as a seamless extension of your company. They are part of your development team.

Nearsoft has joined forces with Encora to become one global brand that can source talent anywhere in the world.

From a tiny office in México
to more than 50 locations worldwide

Our Offices

Take a look at our development centers.

A true great,
place to work.

Great Place to Work, and Worldblu Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace

We’ve been ranked as a Great Place to Work by the GPTW Institute since 2008 and inducted in WorldBlu’s list of Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace since 2009. As we've said before, our culture encourages Encorians to be themselves, be playful, and innovate. Great ideas emerge organically when people feel safe!

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Great Place to Work Wordblu Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace
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