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Adapt or Die: 6 Survival Tips

May 20, 2016, by Pedro Duarte

In the programming world, as in the rest of life, change is a constant. What you learn one day becomes obsolete the next. Being eager to adapt to new challenges is the best option.

Here are some tips if you are about to try something new.

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How to Make $100 for Every Dollar You Invest in UX

May 20, 2016, by Marysol Ortega

When I started my career as a User Experience Designer, I was constantly involved in projects with unrealistic goals, poorly defined system requirements, or plagued by communication issues and difficult politics among stakeholders. We have all been there.

Robert Charette estimates that 15% of all software development projects fail because of these issues.

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Outsourcing Software Development in Local Time

How working with Nearsoft compares to offshore.

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