Grow your Development Team

We are not a staffing company

We are not an offshoring company

We are not even an outsourcing company

We are a grow-your-team-and-make-great-products company

Great developers are hard to find

Still Looking for the Right Developers? WE CAN HELP

A better route for outsourcing

Disappointed with “Offshoring?” A BETTER ROUTE

Our Awesome Clients

Our Awesome Clients

We have the privilege to work with amazing companies and we develop impressive software products in many languages and technologies. Each team has been created according to their own requirements, a truly customized and tailor made team built around their software needs and skills needed.



Our Culture

We have created a culture attractive to software developers who approach their work as a craft. Our clients put a lot of love into creating their software, and they don’t want just anybody to come in and mess with it.

Our clients are not always right, and we let them know when that’s so. Saying “yes” to every request, without judgment is of no real value to anybody.


Interested already? Learn more in these quick videos:

53-Second Introduction

Do you have a minute? Great, that’s enough!


Outsourcing in local time

Software development requires a lot of real-time interactions.


And since you made it all the way here, it’s time for freebies:


The UX Clinic

See how UX methodologies are applied to your app or website, for free. A panel of UX experts will give you actionable feedback online. You’ll also get a prototype and detailed written report fully ready for your next design iteration.

Visit The UX Clinic


Planning Poker for Hangouts

PP4H is a simple tool to make estimates fun, and a team-oriented process. Inspired by Planning Poker, PP4H is specially useful for distributed teams. Every member of the team can participate in the planning process to make it more accurate and reliable.