The Secret to Developing Great Products is People

A teammate’s wellness leads to positive effects in productivity and ownership.

Nearsoft’s Wellbeing Program

Our community understands human beings are full and integral individuals, dismissing concepts like work-life balance. The real balance comes from within an individual.

Our understanding of wellness is distributed in four parameters,

Emotional Health

The emotional health chapter of our wellbeing program cultivates resilience. Rather than living a problem-free life, we want to give our teammates the tools to thrive despite their problems.


A team of nutritionists guide willing members of our community in an effort to improve eating habits and follow a healthier lifestyle.

Physical Health

Nearsoftnians are encouraged to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. All of our community members have access to gym and shower facilities in office, a personal trainer and a physiotherapist.

Financial Health

We help Nearsoftnians to understand the basics of finance such as, investments and expenses. We encourage them to handle financially as optimally as possible, make wise decisions and secure their financial problems.

The Impact of Caring for Others

95% of Nearsoftnians feel that their quality of life has improved after participating in the program

68% of Nearsoftnians feel their relationship as teammates has improved after participating in the program.

The fact that Nearsoft supports us with this program is very important to me. It makes me feel that Nearsoft cares about me.

— Anonymous Nearsoftnian

Wellness Spreads

Agile Culture has taught us that to be productive and a teamplayer we must overcome big blocks on the road. Daily meetings urge us to address this roadblocks as a team. But sometimes, most of the times, this interruptions in our workflow come from within a person and are invisible. If a person is not at their 100% they cannot thrive over this gaps.

The first step is to provide people with the tools we mentioned above so they can be okay intrinsically and then spread that wellness and address extrinsic motivations as a team.

This is how wellness spreads, an individual with a sense of ownership and engagement will organically help others follow the same path. In the end game this creates healthy people, who contribute in a team and develop great software products for our clients’ client.

Investing in wellness is the best way to create a world class software engineering team.

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