Ownership: Meaning and Identity

Ownership is the positive feeling I get when I know I can change things around me. When I try to change them and I realize I can do it, they become mine. My connection with them is stronger, and I feel powerful.

— Anabel Montiel, People Development team

Ownership is not the action of giving someone else power. You can’t give your team power. What you can do is give them the freedom to take action and improve their work. That means including the whole team in the decisions that affect their work and everyone’s goals. 

Only when they “own” their work can they identify problems and better solve them.

Nobody Takes Care of a Rental Car

This is true! Rental cars are completely trashed when returned. People only take care of what is theirs. What they feel their own. We have talked about the connection between the power to change things and ownership. But there’s a deeper thing to understand. 

Ownership shifts meaning and identity. The question of why I do and who I am are changed forever when a teammate owns what they are working on. 

In short, identity is composed of the story we tell ourselves. We don’t let new narratives into that story unless they become ours, and our connection with them is strong.

We own what we can change, which gives us a feeling of meaning and connection to it.

The Meaning Behind Work

Software developers need to stand on their own to make tough decisions. Imagine a daily meeting where the team is gathered to share their day to day activities. If each teammate can’t securely express what problems are blocking their deadlines, your software may never see the light of day.

It’s important to create a space that allows every member of your team to speak freely and with the knowledge that they are in control of their own goals. Trusting them to make the best choice regarding what they do best (coding great software products) is the key to creating ownership and meaning.

Freedom at the Office

Each member of your team at Nearsoft will experience the rare commodity of being treated like a responsible adult. We are not kidding. Our vision and values have been designed to bring the best out of the members of our community. So, their only worry is to do a great job.

We’ve seeked external validation and help too. Nearsoft has been part of Wordblu’s  list of Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace since 2009 and ranked as a Great Place to Work by the GPTW Institute since 2008.

 If you want the best for your team, reach out.

We will call you right away. We’ll talking minutes, not hours.

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