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People Development

Our People Development team works to strengthen our culture by facilitating Nearsoftian's professional and personal growth.

We don't have a traditional Human Resources department. The dreaded "HR department" has become a way for companies to protect themselves from their "human capital."

At Nearsoft we needed something more human. That is how the People Development role was born. This is what they do.



As soon as they join Nearsoft, new people take six weeks people take orientation classes. This gives them a chance to adapt to our unique, crazy way of doings things. A mentor accompanies each new person throughout this journey.

The objectives are to,

  • Learn about how things work at Nearsoft
  • Establish strong social bonds with others
  • Work in a team of equals
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Make sure they have everything they need

360 Assessment

Everyone at Nearsoft participates in this feedback process every six months. People self-evaluate and get feedback from their peers, teams, and clients. We keep it an open and transparent process where everyone is encouraged to have an honest conversation about each other’s needs to grow personally and professionally.

The objectives are to,

  • Help people identify their challenges
  • Conquer personal and professional challenges
  • Create a space for open feedback
  • Get a better idea of what's the next step

The People Development Team participate as facilitators to gather information and moderate the session. This is followed by one-on-one meetings, as needed.

Career Path

This process is all about people's dreams. It takes work to get people to share their dreams and hopes, but once they it becomes obvious how connect them with our collective growth as we design our own careers.

Nearsoft’s career path is a four-step model,

  1. Exploring what makes people happy and what they see in their ideal future
  2. Finding their personal growth mission and connecting it with Nearsoft’s
  3. Designing their transformation plan
  4. Transcend to the next level, one step closer to their dream

Talks, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions are used to help people develop their plans over time.


Impacting the Whole Person

Our aim is to impact the whole person. It is not enough to work on the professional aspects.

To make a real difference we must work on the personal dimension. We want to really get to the core of what motivates and inspires a people at Nearsoft.


Emotional Health

We take care of Nearsoftians by providing quick attention for their emotional struggles. We have a psychologist available at every office that provides a private space to express themselves free of charge. They can also learn tools to communicate and face challenges effectively. Family members can also receive therapy with a huge discount.

For the stressed, trained masseurs are available at low costs.

Physical Health

The mind follows the body as they say. Most Nearsoftians spend a lot of time sitting down to do their jobs. So the Wellbeing LT thought it would be good to incentivize them to have healthy workout routines. This is available in our gym, at our offices. Yup, we have our on gym in HMO and CDMX.

Nutrition also plays a big role in this initiative. A group of nutritionists is working with us to promote healthy eating amongst Nearsoftians. This includes 14 group sessions and individual consultations to,

  • Improve the nutritional state of Nearsoftians by means of a change in lifestyle.
  • Evaluate and improve the quality of life, physical activity and eating habits.

We take care of your people so their only concern is making great products.

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