a Different Kind of CI Service,,
Simulating Particles in D3,,
pokies casino,,
pokies casino,,
Cleanup Your Code With Template Literals,,
Comparing the Most Popular Virtual Environment Tools for Python,,
Layers: An Introduction to Map Creation with,,
Implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment on GitLab,,
The Best Type of App,,
How to Get Jenkins to Execute Builds Automatically with GitHub,,
Drawing the Line at Nearsoft,,
Evaluate Your App Design With The App Design Evaluation Template,,
Choosing The Right App For Your Business,,
Functional Programming Concepts Applied Using C#,,
Teaching & Learning UX,,
I Designer,,
Help your team achieve their goals faster with an efficient Design System,,
Innovation in Tech Travel,,
Optimize Your Conversion Funnel with A/B Testing,,
The Role of User Research in Software Companies,,
How to Evaluate Designs with Visual Heuristics,,
Level Up Your Product Design,,
A Brief Inquiry Into User Experience,,
About Psychology And Design,,
How to Design a Successful eCommerce Business,,
Create Your Own VS Code Extension,,
How to Synchronize Your GitHub Fork?,,
Helpers in Ember.js,,
How to Cook Wireframes Sketches,,
Remote Debugging with IntelliJ Idea,,
Writing a Minimal IoC Container in C#,,
Say Less Mean More: The Importance of Good Copy in UX,,
Top Challenges for Telemedicine Apps,,
Code Makes Better UX Designers,,
Loyalty Isn’t Dead,,
Top UX Trends in 2019,,
Python Optimizations: Peephole,,
Python Optimizations: Intering,,
Use AI for a Better User Experience,,
Leveraging Customer Service for sales: The MercadoLibre + Freshdesk use case.,,
Top 3 Usability Problems in Software Products,,
How a UX Designer Can Impact the Quality of Your Product and Business,,
Map Filter Reduce,,
The Boyer-Moore-Horspool Algorithm,,
Millennials Trip-To-Toe Travel Experience,,
Storytelling: Rule of 3,,
Unicorns for Hire,,
Bread Me Us,,
Test-Driven Development: What Is that About?,,
Finding Duplicate Addresses Using the Levenshtein Distance Metric in SQL,,
5 Tips for Devs in the Travel Industry,,
Top Traveler Behavioral Trends in 2018,,
The Secret of Django Auto Generated Admin Docs,,
My Path from Civil Engineering to Software Development,,
How to Get Started with Alamofire,,
How to Reach Female Solo Travelers the Biggest Market in the US,,
How to Deploy Your App Using Multiple Machines with Docker Swarm,,
3 Lessons from Working with Open Source Projects,,
Choosing Between Spark and Express,,
How to Create an API and Web Applications with Flask,,
Free Your Money: Let Your Teams Make Their Own Decisions,,
Top 3 Problems Your Are Going to Run Into with Your Hotel App,,
Artificial Intelligence and the Travel Industry,,
Putting It All to Work: Elixir Poolboy Mogrify AndreaMosaic,,
You Don’t Know OTP,,
Good Word of the Day: Company,,
Bad Word of the Day: Asset,,
Bring Coyotas When Visiting Your Team!,,
CSS Variables Guide,,
How to Work Effectively on Multiple Projects at the Same Time,,
Analytics and Growth for Enterprise Software Products,,
User Retention Strategies for Enterprise Software,,
The Travel Experience and the Influence It Has on Travel Tech,,
Self-management and Barbecues,,
No Excuses: HTTPS Is the Standard,,
I just Rejected a 3x Pay Increase All Because of my Company’s Uncomfortable and Daunting Culture,,
NodeJS: How to Load a Module with require(),,
Webpack: How It Generates the Bundle,,
Trust Apache Shiro it Knows What It’s Doing,,
Pikmail: Emails to Pictures Using Kotlin,,
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) in .NET Core and C# using AutoFac and DynamicProxy,,
How to Install Packages in Atom,,
What Is the Android Activity Lifecycle?,,
How does Ruby-on-Rails ActiveRecord Work Behind the Scenes?,,
How to Create Ember.js Entities from Scratch,,
Annotation Magic with Mockito: Mock and Spy,,
Why Millennials Don’t Trust Your Hotel App,,
Docker Compose v3 – Production Ready,,
Learning about Functional Reactive Programming,,
User Experience Challenges in the Travel Industry,,
How Usability Problems Affect Your Mobile Bookings,,
Deploying to Maven Central,,
Travel Tech in a Shrinking World,,
Sabre Hackathon: My Perspective as a Software Engineer,,
Devs Nightmares and Corporate Culture,,
Problem Solving (Soft?) Skills,,
Using rapid prototyping to validate your travel app,,
Inbound Outbound…or Peoplebound,,
How Are Models Generated on Ruby on Rails?,,
Do You Have What It Takes to Work Remotely,,
Easy Voxel Art for Unity,,
Build a World Class Team and Reach the Finish Line,,
Are We Doing Enough for the Women-In-Tech Movement?,,
My Personal iOS Dev Tool Kit,,
Developing iOS Applications: Where Should I Start?,,
Good Communication Means Great Software Products,,
How to Improve Flight Booking with Personalized Search,,
Data-Driven Evolution in the Travel Industry,,
Refactoring the Database of a Travel Ecommerce Platform,,
Avoid the Pains of Offshoring,,
How to Create a Culture of Feedback,,
How Service Mapping Leads to Personalized Trips,,
4 Ways Software Helps Travel Agencies,,
3 Challenges of an R&D Travel Project,,
The Microservices Approach and How It Beats Monolithics,,
Triggers in Software Development Outsourcing,,
A Culture of Feedback Is Nothing to Be Afraid Of,,
A Major Problem with Booking Trips and Time Zones,,
Accessibility in Travel Apps,,
Looking at Android Development? Start Here,,
A Software Outsourcing Horror Story,,
The Impact of Time to Value for Rewards Programs,,
How to Increase Customer Loyalty in the Travel Industry,,
Product Design Productivity and the Fad of Hustling,,
Studying Software Development the Right Way,,
4 Steps to Build Your Legacy,,
How to Structure Your Content to Win Online Bookings,,
How Renovation Leads to Growth in the Travel Industry,,
Onboarding: Meet Your New Client,,
How to Adopt a Culture of Continuous Learning,,
How to Get Closer to Your (Distributed) Team,,
Google I/O – An Invitation to Get Involved,,
Here is How to Do User Research in Agile Teams,,
5 Challenges of Working Remotely and Ways to Tackle Them,,
Everyone Can Contribute to Open Source: an Intern’s Tale,,
From Journeyman to Master: A Book Review,,
EuroPython 2016: A Review,,
How to Center Your Content with Materialize,,
Annotation Magic with Mockito: InjectMocks,,
Your Team Communication Sucks: Five Axioms to Improve It,,
Forget about Winning and Losing: Why Retreating Can Be a Win,,
Employer Branding Nearsoft Style,,
6 Steps to Build Products People Love: Talking with Laura Klein,,
Make Your Loyalty Program Great,,
Mobile Web and Travel Brands: Don’t Become Irrelevant,,
Improve UX to Increase Conversions and Loyalty in Travel and Hospitality,,
Travel Queries: a Journey to Improve Your App,,
Bad Word of the Day: Subordinate,,
Bad Word of the Day: Empowerment,,
Handling Dynamic Registration Forms for Loyalty Programs,,
Objectives and Key Results: Talking with Christine Nathaniel,,
The Unique Domain Language of the Travel Industry,,
Bad Word of the Day: Hierarchy,,
The DojoLIVE! Interviews: What It Has Been Like to Connect with Experts Like You,,
Bad Words of the Day: A Trap of Our Own Making,,
Bad Word of the Day: Permission,,
Bad Word of the Day: Work-Life Balance,,
Bad Word of the Day: My People,,
Design Thinking in Your Work Life: Talking with Travis Nielson,,
How Design Thinking Can Impact your Business,,
Bad Word of the Day: Human Capital,,
Embracing Innovation: Talking with Ingo Rauth,,
Bad Word of the Day: Management,,
Bad Word of the Day: Supervisor,,
Bad Word of the Day: Human Resource,,
My First Six Years at Nearsoft,,
What Is and What Is Not a Design Pattern,,
Building a Democratic Culture Interview with Traci Fenton,,
Everybody Wins with Value Centered Design,,
How Storytelling Can Inform Design,,
Code Your Destiny,,
How to Contribute to Your Favorite Open Source Project,,
Bad Word of the Day: Employee,,
Try Usability Testing to Keep Your Products from Failing,,
Understanding Culture and Leadership Teams in Nearsoft,,
Present Trust Future Trust,,
How to Fit Trello in Agile Methodologies,,
Should Your Employees Define Your Company’s Culture?,,
How to Increase Your Mobile App’s Engagement,,
8 UX Tips for Creating Flawless Gaming Apps,,
Progressive Web Apps: Are you offline? Not a Problem Anymore!,,
Getting the Most Out of Agile Retrospectives,,
How to Increase User Engagement: Analytics + UX,,
Bullying with Questions,,
Agile Testing,,
People Adapt: Talking UX Design with Steven Hoober (1/3),,
People Adapt: Talking UX Design with Steven Hoober (2/3),,
People Adapt: Talking UX Design with Steven Hoober (3/3),,
People Adapt: Talking UX Design with Steven Hoober (Interactive Transcript),,
Why Google Is Doing Much Better at Design than Apple,,
Adapt or Die: 6 Survival Tips,,
How to Make $100 for Every Dollar You Invest in UX,,
How I Found My Ideal Working Environment (in Mexico),,
How to Take Advantage of Parallax in Programming and Video Games,,
Understanding the Design of Experience a Conversation with Thomas Wendt (1/2),,
Understanding the Design of Experience a Conversation with Thomas Wendt (2/2),,
Understanding the Design of Experience a Conversation with Thomas Wendt (interactive Transcript),,
Google vs Apple: the Present of Mobile UI Design,,
How to Estimate Software Tasks Using,,
Three Reasons Your Project Is Late and What You Can Do About It,,
Don’t Become a Zombie Developer,,
Getting Old (and Wising Up) at the Workplace,,
One UX Designer per Team a Conversation with Jeff Gothelf (1/2),,
One UX Designer per Team a Conversation with Jeff Gothelf (2/2),,
One UX Designer per Team a Conversation with Jeff Gothelf (Interactive Transcript),,
No Small Wins Five Challenges You’ll Face in Your Next Job,,
Top 3 UX Mistakes in Mobile Apps,,
Face to Face a Conversation with Marty Cagan (1/2),,
Face to Face a Conversation with Marty Cagan (2/2),,
Ageing in Silicon Valley,,
Django Girls CDMX Feb 2016 Edition: Success!,,
The New ABC: Always Be Creating,,
Lesson Learned: Expose Your Ignorance,,
Functional Programming with Scala: an Intro,,
Emotional Well-Being and the Workplace,,
I Need a Developer by Tomorrow: Three Factors to Consider,,
Warning: Steep Learning Curve Ahead,,
Don’t #$@! Call Me a Resource Again!,,
My Weird Path to Becoming a Scrum Master,,
Bower and ASP .NET 5: a Tutorial,,
How to Succeed as a Woman Engineer,,
The Environment Influences People’s Actions a Conversation with Annie Coull (Interactive Transcript),,
The Environment Influences People’s Actions a Conversation with Annie Coull (2/2),,
The Environment Influences People’s Actions a Conversation with Annie Coull (1/2),,
Gender Equality and Women in Tech,,
Familiar Patterns a Conversation with Andrew Hinton (3/3),,
Familiar Patterns a Conversation with Andrew Hinton (2/3),,
Familiar Patterns a Conversation with Andrew Hinton (1/3),,
Familiar Patterns: A Conversation with Andrew Hinton (Interactive Transcript),,
UX Prototyping in 4 Steps for Team Alignment and Common Vision,,
How to Generate Ideas Along with Your Users,,
For The Dark Knights of Testing,,
The World of .NET 2015,,
Agile Manifesto for Everyone,,
The Intern’s Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Be Successful,,
Researchers Are Humans Too a Conversation with Leah Rader (Interactive Transcript),,
Researchers Are Humans Too a Conversation with Leah Rader (2/2),,
Researchers Are Humans Too a Conversation with Leah Rader,,
Creating Creativity,,
Tips to Become a Better Developer,,
Waterfall vs Scrum (Really!),,
Team Building: Art Craft Rocket Science?,,
Dev Team Communications 101,,
Dependency Injection in AngularJS,,
Legacy Systems: The Problem,,
My Voyage Discovering Karma & Mocha.js,,
Bringing Life to a Flat World,,
The Horror of a First Interview,,
A Recruiting Horror Story,,
Yum: Cookies Bread Crumbs and Analytics!,,
What Experiencing a UX Event Can Teach You about User Experience,,
The Third Industrial Revolution or Why Nearsoft Is Nearsoft,,
Backend as a Service (BaaS) or How to Create Your First App and Live to Tell,,
It’s Not All about the Code,,
UX vs What Do U Think?,,
Sometimes We Make Our Lives Too Complicated!,,
Closing the Gap between Marketing and Development,,
Team Building a Lone Wolf’s Way,,
Programs Testing Other Programs,,
How to Make Video Apps a Relaxing Experience,,
Rapid Paper Prototyping Workshop,,
More about Rapid Paper Prototyping,,
Free from Labels: My Journey to Become a Frontend Developer,,
The Prototype Paradox for Experienced Developers,,
Image Libraries for Busy Android Developers,,
Dream & Code: #DevDay4Women in Mexico,,
How to Go from Manual to Automated Testing,,
Move Around Be Happier and Beware of the Expert Curse,,
Refactoring for the Uninitiated,,
QA Mom or What to Expect When You’re Expecting,,
Here’s How You Can Leverage Community for Hyper Growth,,
10 UX Techniques for Creating Products People Love,,
Facebook Wants to Put an IoT Face on Its Big Data Backend,,
We Are All Adults,,
The Logic Behind Nearsoft’s Logic Test,,
On Why Your Company’s Name Matters (A Lot),,
How We Are Implementing OKRs at Nearsoft,,
Value-based Recognitions at Nearsoft: Feb 2015 (slides),,
The Nearsoft Governance Framework (slides),,
Grow Your Development Team (slides),,
How a Cup of Coffee Changed My Life,,
Key Elements of an Agile Culture,,
How to Use Vagrant for Easy Provisioning,,
Knocking Out the Competition,,
Testing with Mock Ups: a Great Team Idea!,,
How to Successfully Be Yourself at Work,,
Exploring Unpaved Roads (or How to Dig without a Shovel),,
How to Make Your Next Software Project Successful from the Start,,
10 Steps to Making Better Estimates,,
Are You Ready for a Self-Managed Agile Team?,,
How to Use Planning Poker for Hangouts,,
How to Build a Global Engineering Team,,
12 Ways to Work Remotely and Still Be Present,,
Deleting Layouts in Google Spreadsheet Theme Master,,
How to Become a Robot and Land Your Dream Job,,
Visualize Your Business Model,,
Nearsoft’s Illustrated New Employee Handbook (slides),,
Get the Job You Love,,
A Candidate’s Journey (slides),,
Better Recruiting: Eliminate Turnover,,
The Nearsoft Academy (slides),,
3 Reasons Not to Hire Brilliant Developers,,
3 Keys to Recruiting a Great Dev Team,,
Our Hero’s Journey (slides),,
Here’s How to Improve Your Recruiting Process,,
Here’s How to Find Good Talent,,
Usability Testing to the Rescue,,
Do You Need Help Hiring 3 Developers?,,
Our Hero’s Journey,,
Benchmarks Are Key,,
Testing iOS Apps for Tough Network Conditions,,
Blocks in Objective-C,,
Nearsoft “the first outsourcing idea that might actually make sense”,,
Better Recruiting: Share Feedback!,,
Innovation Hackathon,,
Uh-oh: Where Am I?,,
Mutate Your Code and Test Your Tests,,
The Pinnacle of Modern Science Fiction,,
Real programmers do it in the dark,,
“Do You Want to Grow Your Company?”,,
iOS: How to Navigate UITextfields with Next/Done Buttons,,
iOS: How to Change the UINavigationBar Background Image,,
Recruiting Is Such a Pain,,
Nearsoft’s Illustrated New Employee Handbook,,
On Being Present: Being There Even When You Are Not,,
Dignity: More Important than Ergonomic Chairs,,
Office Hours: A Little Help Goes a Long Way,,
The Unboard: Untypical Unbound and Unabashed,,
PhoneGap: Rapid Android Development 3/3,,
PhoneGap: Rapid Android Development 2/3,,
PhoneGap: Rapid Mobile Development 1/3,,
Working with Fonts and Railo,,
Learning to Use Haml,,
How to Create a Toolbar with XUL,,
Introduction to XUL,,
From Paper to Kindle to iPad,,
SHA1 Encrypt Function for the iPhone (Objective-C),,
Giving It that “Little Extra”,,
Apple’s Real Winner: the Original iPad,,
Learning to Use xUnit.Net (3 of 3),,
Learning to Use xUnit.Net (2 of 3),,
Learning to Use xUnit.Net (1 of 3),,
Building the Ultimate Great Place to Work,,
CodeIgniter vs Kohana vs Zend Framework,,
Creating Your First Cloud App with,,
Five Misconceptions about Unit Testing,,
Staying Agile: Lessons from the Past,,
8 Tips for Daily Standup Meetings,,
Meaning & Purpose: The Living Organization Model,,
How Innovation Really Works at Google,,
The Evolution of Typing: 2 2 2 and 2,,
Extracting Data from Excel,,
Innovation or More of the Same?,,
Unfolding the Napkin for Innovation,,
Yammer Skype and Remote “Presence”,,
Google Wave Robots and the New API,,
Three Reasons Your Project Is Late and What You Can Do About It,,
Pirates and Workplace Democracy,,
The Ever-Learning Tribe,,
The People Have Spoken: Foursquare Is It!,,
Agile Code Reviews: the Charrette Protocol,,
How to Get Through 300 Pages in 20 Minutes: TEDtalks,,
The Marrying Kind,,
Secret History of Silicon Valley: a Commentary,,
Opportunity to Showcase Your Startups,,
Better Estimates in 10 Steps,,
How to Start a Project Right,,
Inspired Employees Go the Extra Mile,,
How to Make Innovation Part of Your Company DNA,,
Aha! Find a Public Restroom with Your iPhone,,
Revenue without Ads for Content Providers,,
Mobilebot: Joomla Goes Mobile!,,
More Déjà Vu All Over Again,,
Joomla as Valid XHTML 1.0,,
Rethinking Company Success,,
A Unique Business Model for a Better World,,
Bringing Transparency to the Workplace,,
Open Source Licenses Are They Enforceable?,,
Déjà Vu All Over Again,,
The “Write a Good Spec” Myth,,
Gemini vs XPlanner,,
Adventure & Drama: Installing the New iPhone 3.0 Software,,
Introduction to Webhooks and An Evangelist,,
What Is “Strategy?”,,
Recommended Reading List,,
Collaborative Product Roadmapping with Apple Trees,,
Sun Plus Oracle: It Could Have Been Worse,,
They Are Just Tools,,
DUDE Brings Together Ajax JSON and JQuery,,
Let’s Implement SCRUM,,
Yuppie Muppie or Guppie? You Must Choose!,,
Here Comes the Boss,,
The iPhone Leapfrogs Blackberry,,
Public Speaking Tips,,
So Much Knowledge and Fun Together,,
The “Fill-In the Blank” Presentation Technique,,
Bad Times Can Be Good Too,,
25 Random Facts About Nearsoft,,
A “Twitter Moment”,,
Is Your Team Delivering On Time?,,
And What About Joomla?,,
Microsoft’s Evangelism Practices: Unethical?,,
Who Runs this Joint Anyway?,,
Climate Collapse and Long Showers,,
Democracy at Work Where It Counts,,
Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint,,