Code is an Art

Coding requires the craftsmanship of an artisan. We’re convinced that writing code is akin to creating art.

To prove it, we printed a trio of t-shirts with artwork generated by code.

Nearsoft Code Tee - White


A stack of lines randomly fragmented as they advance.

Nearsoft Code Tee - Orange


A set of quarter-circles randomly rotated in multiples of 90 degrees.

Nearsoft Code Tee - Black


A faux-maze, tributing the generative art that started it all: 10 print.

How Is It Done?

Code generates the three tees. Two of them by simple algorithms written in JavaScript, and the other one with HTML and CSS.

We set the rules, then a computer decided where to draw.

We love tees, and we love code. It was only logical to marry the two of them.

You can play with the algorithms in the following demos:




Move the slider to change the fragmentation factor of the lines.

Press the button to change the shapes.

Press the button to redraw the faux-maze.

How Can I Get One?

The easiest way is to find us in an industry event. We always have t-shirts, stickers and other sweet swag to give away.

About Nearsoft

We extend software development teams with talented engineers in Mexico. Talented and nerdy engineers like the one that created the code for these t-shirts.

If you want creative and responsible adults in your team, call us.

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