Every Rockstar Needs a Great Band

Forget the burden of micromanaging new hires.
Set up your team with us and rock on with talented software engineers.

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We Team Up with Our Clients

We have the privilege to work with amazing companies. Each team has been created according to their own requirements, a truly customized and tailor made team built around their software needs and skills needed.

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A Culture Is Not Defined by Framed Exultations

Rockstar Developer

A culture is not defined by framed exultations on a wall. At its most basic, a culture is about the answer to this question,

How do things get done around here?

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Rocking with Your Extended Team


We work as an extension of your company. Your Nearsoft developers are completely integrated with your team and will work within your management processes. Think of it as your other development office.

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We like to use our talent to make a difference. Do you want to make a difference as well?


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