Recruiting Talented Software Developers

Recruiting a great development team is not a very complex task, but it is darn difficult to do.  

At Nearsoft, recruiting is one of our core competencies. We are always doing it. From finding great candidates, to hiring and establishing long term relationships with them. 

Our clients are involved in the process and have the final word on hire decisions, but we do all the heavy lifting.

If you’re struggling to find good candidates, check out these tips from our community of experts.

Recruiting Is Such a Pain

Recruiting Is Such a Pain

Get those new features out.  And fix those bugs, too.  Hire more people if you need to.  But keep your budget in check. Have you looked at outsourcing, yet?

If this sounds familiar to you, read this post.

How to Increase Engagement at Your Company

3 Keys to Recruiting a Great Dev Team

These are the top three “things” we have found to be key to growing a great, cohesive development team.

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Here's How to Improve Your Recruiting Process

Here’s How to Improve Your Recruiting Process

Recruiting is a real pain but it can be made to work. After much trial and (even more) error, we’ve arrived at a process that works and it’s pretty painless.

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Better Recruiting: Share Feedback!

Better Recruiting: Share Feedback

You are collecting feedback about candidates throughout the interview process, right? (If you don’t, then start doing it right now).

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Better Recruiting: Eliminate Turnover

Better Recruiting: Eliminate Turnover

A healthy culture will eliminate the not-so-good reasons for losing employees. Help your team members to see your company as a source of meaningful, fulfilling work in a nurturing environment, and not “just a job.”

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How it all works for us

We have a very solid and tested 10-step recruiting process. This is how it works.

Our Recruiting Process

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