Top Six Testing Best Practices

We interviewed one of our most experienced QA engineers to pick his brain about what you might forget about Manual Testing on a daily basis. Here’s a quick rundown of what to keep in mind while assuring the quality of a software product.

Don’t Take the Happy Path

It may sound ominous, but take the darker, more negative path when your testing. Manual testers must be experts in pointing out how new features may crumble down since day one. The more QA engineers delve in skepticism, the more they can create better products.

Participate in Design Sessions

Make a habit of being part of design sessions with software developers. Usually testers are only called to task after the demo. But testing before implementing can save you time and money. The more you know about how a software project is going to be built, the better you can test it.

Don’t Automate It All

QA Automation is very popular and it might be your team’s first impulse to automate everything just out of hype. Stop! Only automate the most repetitive tasks. Automation of tasks that can be easily handled manually will only consume more time and resources over time.

Testing Alone Is Dangerous

If you’re working on test cases and analyzing stories, don’t do the actual testing yourself. Bring a team mate with fresh eyes. It works the other way around too, test someone else’s stories. We’ve mentioned being skeptical, remaining objective is also a good value to uphold.

Keep the Business People Close

Never think of yourself as an expert of every part of your software product’s business. The perspective from other team members, specifically business owners or analysts can inform your testing if you keep them on the loop. A successful product is a quality product after all.

Pay It Forward

Finally, remember someday you’ll fly away. Maybe you get a new job or a leadership position. So make sure the next person in line can come in and follow your footsteps closely. Document everything with detail and be explicit about your tasks and methods.

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