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The testers in our community have access to a robust library of options when it comes to training. They also organize to teach themselves and others what they know. Here’s a taste of what they’re doing.

Nearsoft Academy

Nearsoft Academy

Nearsoft has created a training program to instruct new Software Engineers. The Nearsoft Testing Academy trains recent college graduates with the following objectives,

  • An idea is worthless without proper execution.
  • How fast you learn is more important than how much you know.
  • The myths of innovation.
  • A programming language is a tool and can be learned very quickly.
  • Software engineering is more about dealing with people, than dealing with computers.
  • Test Everything. 
  • Moonshot thinking.

QA Sessions

This program was founded by a junior tester, Lemma Rivera, who was about to make it into the big leagues. Her own knowledge acquisition process became the backbone for the training’s range of topics and methodology.

QA Sessions strengthens the knowledge of testing and software quality in the communities around Nearsoft. 

These lessons are free of cost and include professionals, students and teachers. Our QA Sessions are,

  • Introduction to testing
  • Testing classification
  • Testing methodologies 
  • Test case Design
  • Bug Life Cycle
  • Agile Testing

Practitioner in Agile Quality

Artemisa Yescas, an important piece of our QA community, is also a certified trainer for Practitioner in Agile Quality (PAQ).

PAQ immerses participants in agile practices with an emphasis on the key competencies essential for high performing agile teams working together collaboratively to increase value to the business and the customer. A Practitioner in Agile Quality can use agile as an effective pathway to accelerate the delivery of quality software.

Become certified.

Online Testing Courses, Books and Conferences

Every one of our QA Engineers has access to the resources of their choosing. Our book budget is practically limitless (yes, any book you want or your team needs). If that isn’t enough, you can also take online testing courses or participate in a conference, as a speaker or part of the audience.

It would be too much to put up every single course we’ve learned from, but here’s some of the conferences we have attended,

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