People Development

The People Development team is the facilitator of Nearsoftians’ growth as professionals and human beings.

In a traditional company, the Human Resources department would protect the company from their employees. At Nearsoft we believe if we trust and care for our people we will grow together as a community and a company.

Onboarding the Magic

We have nurtured our culture for more than ten years and living it is no easy feat. Newcomers are part of our Onboarding Process for six weeks. Their only task is to get to know our community and the people around them.

Every day they take part in classes ranging from Agile methodology to Nearsoftian values. The tutoring invites people to have an open mind and forget fear. They are compelled to voice their opinions and start making decisions on how to solve problems. Fear is the bane of a healthy work environment. Nearsoftians cannot grow if they are not given the chance to be free.

A mentor is appointed to guide new Nearsoftians in our technical best practices, and also, to befriend the different teams in the company. Mentorship is an essential part of the onboarding process. Having a peer take you under their wing facilitates the shift in mindset needs to thrive in a fast-paced environment at Nearsoft. From this point on, people decide how to solve problems; they are not told what to do.

Living the Values

The cornerstone of our success as a company is our values,

We’ll Find the Talent to Grow Your Development Team

Be Smart & Get Things Done

Developing successful software products together is the culmination of these values. It’s every Nearsoftian’s job to keep these values alive, and they are guided by the People Development team. Keeping them alive is the primary task of People Developers. 

To hold each other accountable (Commitment) we have 360 Assessments performed every six months by each Nearsoftian and their team. In Nearsoft fashion, the assessment serves as a safe space where teammates can talk to each other (Teamwork) without fear and in a constructive matter.

When solving issues between teams the People Development team becomes a mediator. It’s important to mention that Nearsoftians are in charge of these feedback process.

Professional and Personal Growth

Sabre Hackathon: My Perspective as a Software Engineer

Our mindset acknowledges Nearsoftians as entire humans. There’s not one half stressed at work and the other half trying to enjoy a reminder of their personal lives. People are always whole, and they should grow as such.

Our Career Path contemplates a vision each member of our community has of their future. This is the stepping stone to understand where and how a person will grow. The next step is to connect this future with Nearsoft’s future and align them. 

For example, a developer might want to change from backend to frontend. Nearsoft will invest in this person’s future and create a space in a new team for them to learn and grow. In the near future, this software developer will be able to provide value to a new client, without risking their income. A win-win situation.

We also follow up with the plans of every single member of our 350+ company on 1-on-1’s. Connecting the dots can be hard without a People Developer helping pave the way.

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Peak Performance Teams

Peak Performance is a team mindset that stems from our community. At some point our culture took a life of its own. So after so many years of shaping our views as a company, we started to study them and came full circle. 

Peak, to know our strengths and opportunities as a team 

  • Team identity
  • Business Mindset
  • Training Plan/Tracking

Traditional companies are only concerned is people doing the task they are told. We want people to understand the impact of what they do. For all of us to be aware of how business indicators work. 

We nearsoftians give our client a Peak Experience. 

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