Still Looking for the Right Developers?

Great software developers are hard to find

Where’s Waldo?

You need to find talented developers to add to your team. People who can help you improve and expand your software products. Unfortunately, finding a qualified developer has become more difficult than finding Waldo.

Signs of Strain

  • You’ve had open positions for more than a couple of months
  • You can’t deliver the goods even though your team is already working their butts off
  • You are starting to notice burnout among your team
  • You worry that one of the big brand companies will lure your best talent away


  • You’ve tried offshoring before and you know it doesn’t work for the kind of work you do
  • You want to expand your team, not end up with a separate one that your developers are going to have to babysit all the time
  • You want developers who are invested in your platform and your company, not code monkeys
  • You know that cultural friction and the time separation will impact your developers and the quality of your software negatively


  • The CVs you get from recruiters look good, but they don’t pan out when you actually talk to these candidates.
  • Your developers spent way too much time interviewing weak candidates
  • Even when you find them, talented developers have become very expensive
  • Add recruiting fees on top of it and you are facing a budget-busting proposition

The Nearsoft Option

Nearsoft was created by people who faced the same problem you are facing today: shortage of developers, limited budgets, and not very many options. So, we built the company we wished we could have partnered with back then.

We are not a staffing company. We are not an offshoring company. We are not even an outsourcing company.

We are a grow-your-team-and-get-great-products-out-the-door company.

You can learn all about us in a few minutes. If we are a match, it will add years to your life.

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