Disappointed with “Offshoring?”

A Better Route for Software Development Outsourcing

Offshoring Can Be Off-Putting

If you are like most engineering managers out there, if somebody says “outsourcing,” you immediately translate that to “offshoring” in your head. Depending on your experience, your reaction may go from a groan to “over my dead body.”

You know that even if you were to write the perfect “spec,” you are likely to get back the wrong results. In the meantime, you toss emails over the wall one day only to get a few scattered questions back the next day. And so it goes.

For you “outsourcing” leads to “offshoring” which leads to “no way.””

Still, I Need to Grow my Team

Business is doing well and your sales folks want more goodies to attract new customers and keep your current ones happy.

You need to keep growing your team with talented developers.

The Nearsoft Approach

We have a different approach that it’s not outsourcing, offshoring or off-putting.

Nearsoft was created by people who faced the same problem you are facing today: a shortage of developers, limited budgets, and bad offshoring options. So, we built the company we wish we could have partnered with to grow our own development team.

We are not a staffing company. We are not an offshoring company. We are not even an outsourcing company.

We are a grow-your-team-and-get-great-products-out-the-door company.
You can learn all about us in short chat. If we are a match, it will add years to your life.

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