The Path to Nearsoft.

How Does our
Recruiting Process Work?

1. Sourcing

Our recruiters will look through resumes to find the candidates with the right set of skills and experience.

2. First Contact

Once found, the recruiter calls the candidate to invite them to join our recruiting process.

3. Logic Test

The candidate is asked to take our logic test. The test checks out how self-disciplined the candidate is, not what they know (that comes later). This has turned out to be an excellent tool to identify candidates who "think right".

4. English Interview

Quick, one-on-one phone interview to check level of spoken English.

5. Screen Interview

One of our engineers screens the candidate in a 30-min call. This determines basic technical knowledge and wether we should move to the second technical interview.

6. Profile Interview

The candidate is interviewed by a couple of engineers. In this hour-long interview, we check the candidate's depth of knowledge in technical areas.

7. Task Interview

The task is either a pair programming test for developers or a test task for manual testers. This is as close as possible to a typical working environment. The candidate may search the web for information, ask questions, or talk to their pair partners. In addition to their code, during this 90-minute session we observe how the candidate works in teams, how they evolve their ideas, how fluent they are using their favorite tools, etc.

8. Thumbs Meeting

Everybody who's had contact with the candidate gets together in what we call the thumbs meeting. They grade the candidates on their tech skills and cultural fit.

9. Offer

Candidates who get a thumbs up are contacted to come to an agreement on an offer. Then the official offer is sent.

10. Getting Ready

Once the offer is accepted, arrangements are made for the new Nearsoftian. This may include relocation, temporary housing, etc.

Before the new Nearsoftian shows up at the door, we get their equipment ready, accounts set-up, etc.

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