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Total Cost of Engagement for Software Development Abroad

Offshore outsourcing vendors like to highlight hourly rates because they sound pretty low when compare to the equivalent rate for US-based engineers. But that is far from the reality of the Total Cost of Engagement (TCE), which is what you are going to end up paying.

TCE Scenario

The best way to illustrate the difference in Total Cost of Engagement (TCE) is with an example. The numbers tell the whole story.

Managing Risks

There Are Risks!? Despite all claims to the contrary, distributed software development projects are riskier than development done by a small, co-located team. When part of this work is outsourced to a third-party the risk increases. When the work is done outside the US, the risk increases yet again. Anybody who has managed even a simple offshore […]

Case study

The company in question, a high-tech start up, got its initial VC funding in 2000 to develop an Enterprise-class software product to address a major deficiency in the way that public companies report their financial status. This was made all the more urgent by the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.


Success Stories

Agility Client Type: IT DepartmentMotivation: Offshoring Headache The client had considered offshoring but found that it didn’t allow for the agility they were used to. Nearsoft’s proximity allow the client to continue to enjoy agile development while building a sophisticated telephony platform for their call centers with a killer UI. Call center supervisors can create […]

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