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You are probably so busy and excited developing your software product, that you haven’t thought there was a financial side of working with a remote team. But just before you panic, we have the answers you didn’t know you needed!

Working with a remote team for the first time can bring with it many questions about how the relationship will be, with teams other than software engineering.

Money is an important topic, and you know you will deal with invoices and payments, so…

How will the interaction with your remote team’s Finance department be like?

Finance Draft

I’m Larisa Ramos. I joined Nearsoft’s Finance team on October 2014, and officially took the Account Receivables role on January 2017.

We work with more than 30 companies every month. Some of them tech giants with many teams, others are startups with just one product team.

We are aware that this part of the relationship might be out of your comfort zone, but we’ve been working with remote teams for more than ten years. You can be sure that we have the experience to make this process seamless for you. We ease the administrative load of tracking numbers and we work together with you to address any need you might have. At the end we deliver invoices that will just need your approval.

You might not be as involved with your own Finance team, and therefore you might not know all the things that your business partner can help you with besides the development of your product itself. You have to make sure you are working with a partner that seeks the best for both parties with a proactive and preventive mindset. This will help you achieve the goals set for the relationship.

Getting involved with a business partner that does not consider your needs and has unclear communication can result in undesired tension that can affect the whole relationship.

Here are some examples of how we have made our client’s workload simpler through the years, resulting in long and strong relationships,

Don’t worry about international transactions
You pay in US dollars in a US bank!

Transparency in calculations
Weekly workload and rates are marked on every invoice.

We let you know when an invoice is overdue.

Want to meet up with your team? Or do you want to recognize the team with a lunch out? No problem, we’ll take care of it.

We can include special timesheet reports, or send our invoices the way you need it.

Talk to a human
Communication is directly with me, Larisa. We also include the Finance team in all emails. The more eyes the better.

W9 Forms
We send you our W9 form when you need it.

A real example

We recently celebrated a Team Building Week with one of our clients. Here’s a real example of how we can work together to reach awesome results. We set the objectives and budget together for this 25+ people get away and got our hands on the planning and logistics.

After a great week of beachside hanging out, living the full mexican experience the team grew closer together. Ambitious goals were set for the upcoming months and a stronger bond formed. Our client flew back to the US and Europe. All they had to do for the whole week was to approve the invoice sent for the total with copies of all the receipts as a backup.

Keeping Track

Our invoicing system was created here at Nearsoft, so it’s tailor-made to our needs. It starts with the team’s timesheets gathering to be processed as invoices once we have all the data.

We review that everything is correct and we proceed to send it to our client, who approves it or seeks clarification if there are any questions.

For any kind of expenses, we send the invoice with the tickets or receipts attached for your convenience, with the exchange rate used in case the expenses were made in Mexican pesos.

So far we have done very well with our processes. We’ve been audited by the renown firm Deloitte and we are part of a world-class IT services group. So we can proudly say that we are client-, Indecomm- and Deloitte-approved!

At Nearsoft, working side-to-side with our clients is part of who we are. It might be developing software products, or teaming up to ease a financial operation.

We always seek to make all processes clear and easy for both ends, and the invoicing cycle is no exception. Either path you choose for the development of your team, be aware of the side tasks that might be holding back your product.

Look for the best practices and services in all the areas that surround your company, and mostly, look for a partner that is as interested in your success, just as you are.

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