Nearshoring and Cultural Alignment

Cultural alignment requires two software companies to see eye to eye and meet each other halfway to realize how they can work together in a common understanding.

Making Mistakes in
Software Development

It’s no wonder why some people try to hide their mistakes at all costs. It usually carries grave consequences. This makes us afraid to try new things.

In a freedom-centered workplace mistakes are celebrated. This doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to detail or don’t care about what we do. But, when mistakes occur, and they will, the best thing to do is to follow these simple steps,

Face them head-on. Communicate them to the people involved.
Fix it. Ask for help if necessary and most importantly.
Learn from it. Breathe and forgive yourself, you are only human.
Get ready to make new mistakes. Go back to step #1.

Feedback and Recognition Are Team Strengths

When someone gives you feedback, embrace it. Assume that there are good intentions behind it.

It will sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s worth it. If you truly listen, and take action, you’ll be able to step out of our comfort zone and grow.

It’s All about Timing

Feedback is all about timing.

During an exercise, a little praise goes a long way.

It becomes a motivator to continue doing your best and even go the extra mile. It doesn’t have to be something major – a nod, a pat on the back or just saying, “You’re doing a good job.”

Feedback should be given when an issue is detected.

If you wait until the end of a hard assignment to tell a kid they are doing it wrong, they get frustrated. You will start to lose their trust, as opposed to letting them know something is wrong when you notice it.

Now, this is all about kids but it also speaks to basic human needs.

And it is as simple as it sounds, and just as complex in practice,

The time it takes

It’s easy to notice things that are wrong and forget, or not to do something about it because you figure it would be time consuming.

Unpredictable behavior

Not being able to predict the reaction someone will have to the feedback you give them can be stressful.


We tend to let our shoulders bend underneath the burden of self-doubt when we have no input from the people around us.

So, if you are not getting feedback, ask for it. It’s a healthy practice.

Acknowledge others, too. Don’t take them for granted.

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Communication Is Key, It Builds Trust with Our Teams

Trust can make the difference between going through the motions or living up to a higher purpose. It leads to following your passion.

Passions can make us strive to be better. But, we cannot do this alone, we need our team to help us along the way. Life as a journey was not meant to be a solitary ride.

And as Luke Hohmann said, “don’t be afraid to fall in love.”

Fall in love with what you do, with your team, with your community, and with yourself.

And, let that positivity flow in everything you do.

Feedback Must Be a Positive Experience

The core reason for feedback is always a positive one.

It has to do with being a team player and helping the ones around you. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

It has to do with doing things out of trust, not fear.

As a team, we are all responsible for helping others when they are down. This can happen to any of us, no exception. Individual achievement of goals are great, but collectively doing so is a masterpiece.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Being more than five times zones apart.

Saying good morning and good night at almost the same time is more important than you might think. The ability to respond to an emergency is easily exemplified if you think of how long it takes for a team more than five hours away to answer one of your emails.

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