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Encora Nearshoring Inc. has created world class engineering teams for software companies around the globe for more than 10 years.

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Your journey with us starts with sourcing and recruiting talented software engineers near your location. Don’t worry about the heavy lifting of going through numerous candidates. Your team will be compromised from hand-picked engineers that can fulfill the roles you need to expand your team.

Same Time Zone,
Same Culture

Your extended team at Encora wakes up and goes to bed at the same time that you do. There are no communication blockages when a software development team is distributed across less than five time zones. Our teams are scattered all over the world and can connect with our clients within their own regions, our global presence offers you a unique opportunity to expand your team locally.

Every Encorian (that’s what we call your new team) software engineer is fluid in English and has been trained to adapt to your company’s work culture.

Think of Encora as your glocal software development team that seamlessly partners with your in-house team.

Nearshore Is the Stepping Stone

With Encora as your partner Nearshore is just the first step. Not only do we offer a seamless team extension and business processes, when your software products grow we will grow with you. Our experience spans through diverse industries and software product phases.

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Closer is Better for
Software Development

Nearsoftians at Work

Working with a distributed team across the globe puts a strain on communication and cultural alignment. Simply put, being far away from each other makes teams less responsive.

Here are some thing to watch out for,

UX Team at Encora

Test the waters with our UX Team. No matter what step of the software development cycle you are at, our design professionals can help you boost your product to the next level.

Nearsoftians at Work

Being more than five times zones apart.

Saying good morning and good night at almost the same time is more important than you might think. The ability to respond to an emergency is easily exemplified if you think of how long it takes for a team more than five hours away to answer one of your emails.

The ratio of project managers to software developers.

A standard team abroad needs an engagement manager for every six software engineers. So instead of investing your money in more talent to develop solutions. You pay extra just to keep operations in place.

Offshore overhead expenses in software development.

Picture sending equipment abroad, or hiring a translator just to be able to communicate with your team. Little by little expenses can pile up if your team is too far away from your main headquarters. Consider making an expenses checklist before partnering with an offshore vendor.

Encora is your reliable nearshore partner.

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