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Encora’s global network of innovation delivery centers
provides a range of support options and operating models.

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Nearshore Software Development

Working with a distributed team across the globe puts a strain on communication and cultural alignment. Simply put, being far away from each other makes teams less responsive.

Nearshoring software development products ensures the team keeps communicated through few time zones and can be in touch in real time.

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Remote Team Augmentation

Encora recruits talented software engineers to augment your team, becoming one workforce with the same culture and agile practices to develop marketable software products.

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Reduce Attrition with a Nearshore Parner

One of the main reasons our clients come to us is to minimize their team attrition. The longevity and success of any software product development project can be crippled if the team has to constantly retrain and reassemble.

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Agile Practices in Nearshore Software Projects

One of the biggest issues when starting or continuing software development in a project that involves a relationship between teams located in different countries — but with similar time zones (onshore-nearshore)- is the proper selection of Agile practices to follow.

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Cultural Alignment

Outside of a “technical compatibility” it is essential that both companies understand each other in terms of company culture. While technical abilities will be outdated over time, the more social abilities around software development are forever.

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