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Nearsoft, Inc and its subsidiaries / affiliates (“Nearsoft” or “we”) are committed to protecting the privacy of your personally identifiable information. We advise you to read this Cookie Disclosure Policy (“Policy”) carefully to understand the use of cookies on our website. This Policy is drafted in compliance to the General Data Protection Regulations (‘GDPR’) and the ePrivacy Directives.


We use cookies to ensure that any person who uses our website gets the best possible experience. In this notice we have provided detailed information about how and when we use cookies. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or they have collected from your use of their services.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on to your device when you visit a website. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie. It allows us to recognize your device and store some information about your preferences or past actions. Cookies can make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you. Cookies cannot access any other information on your computer.

Types of cookies used

We use the following two types of cookies:

  • Persistent / Permanent cookies: Persistent cookies helps us recognise you as an existing user, so it’s easier for you to return to our website without signing in again. After signing in, the persistent cookies stay on your browser and will be read when you return to our website. These remain on your computer/device for a pre-defined period.
  • Session cookies: Session cookies only last for as long as the session exists (they get erased when the user closes the browser).
Cookie nameDescriptionCategoryExpiry
_cfduidUsed by the content network, Cloud flare, to identify trusted web trafficNecessary1 year
LangRemembers the user’s selected language version of a websitePreferenceSession
_utmxUsed by Google Analytics Experiments to determine if the visitor is participating
in a design experiment.
Statistics539 days
_gaUsed to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the websiteStatistics2 years
_gatUsed to throttle request rateStatisticsSession
_gidRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how visitor
uses the website
CollectUsed to send data to Google Analytics about visitor’s device and behaviour.
Tracks visitor across devices and marketing channels
_ab12#UnclassifiedMarketing2 years
_hssrcCollects anonymous statistical data related to the user’s website visits, such as
the number of visits,   average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded. The purpose is
to segment the website’s users according to factors such as demographics and geographical location, in order to enable media
and marketing agencies to structure and understand their target groups to enable customised online advertising.
_ptq.gifSends data to the marketing platform Hubspot about the visitor’s device and
behaviour. Tracks the visitor   across devices and marketing channels
ads/ga-audiencesUsed by Google Ad Words to re-engage visitors that are likely to convert to
customers based on the   visitor’s online behaviour across websites.
BcookieUsed by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded
Marketing2 years
BizoIDUnclassifiedMarketing29 days
BscookieUsed by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded
Marketing2 years
GPSRegisters a unique ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographical
GPS location.
HubspotutkKeeps track of a visitor’s identity. This cookie is passed to the marketing
platform Hub Spot on form submission and used when de-duplicating contacts.
Marketing10 years
IDEUsed by Google DoubleClick to register and report the web site user’s actions
after viewing or clicking   one of the advertiser’s ads with the purpose of measuring the efficacy of an ad
and to present targeted ads to the user
Marketing1 year
LidcUsed by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded
PREFRegisters a unique ID that is used by Google to keep statistics of how the
visitor uses YouTube videos   across different web sites
Marketing8 months
test_cookieUsed to check if the user’s browser supports cookiesMarketingSession
UserMatchHistoryUnclassifiedMarketing29 days
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVETries to estimate the users’ bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube
Marketing179 days
YSCRegisters a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has
yt-remote-cast-installedStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoMarketingSession
yt-remote-connected-devicesStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoMarketingPersistent
yt-remote-device-idStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoMarketingPersistent
yt-remote-fast-check-periodStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoMarketingSession
yt-remote-session-appStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoMarketingSession
yt-remote-session-nameStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoMarketingSession
driftt_aidUnclassifiedUnclassified2 years

How we use cookies?

Nearsoft uses cookies to enhance and improve your browsing experience. We use cookies primarily for:
Preferences: Cookies allow our website to remember information about you that changes the way the site behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or the region you are in. Remembering your preferences enables us to personalise and display advertisements and other contents for you.

  • Security / Optimization: Cookies allow us to maintain security by authenticating users, preventing fraudulent use of login credentials and protecting user data from unauthorized parties. We may use certain types of cookies which allow us to block many types of attacks, such as attempts to steal content from the forms present on our website.
  • Processing: Cookies enable the website to work efficiently. Basis such cookies, we are able to deliver services that a website visitor expects, like navigating around web pages or accessing secure areas of the website.
  • Marketing / Advertising: We use cookies to make advertising more engaging to our users. Some common applications of cookies are made to select advertising based on what’s relevant to you, to improve reporting on campaign performance and to avoid showing ads you would have already seen. Cookies capture information about how you interact with our website, which includes the pages that you visit most.
  • Communication: We may use information collected via cookies to communicate with you, for sending newsletters, seeking your opinion and feedback and providing you services and promotional materials.
  • Analytics and Research: We may use cookies to better understand how people use our products/services so that we can improve them.

Basis for lawful processing of cookies:

We process your cookies with your explicit consent. You can accept the cookies to be placed on your browser by clicking on the I Agree button.

The Company will perform quarterly review of the cookie scan report to ascertain the count of identified cookies along with unclassified cookies, which would be classified and assigned a purpose using manual intervention within fifteen (15) days of extraction of the report. The consent of the visitors to the website to store necessary cookies, statistics cookies, marketing cookies and other categories of cookies post classification will be sought online through a pop-up alert to regularize the same.

How do I turn off the cookies or withdraw my consent?

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their setting preferences. If you want to remove existing cookies from your device you can do this using your browser options. If you want to block future cookies being placed on your device you can change your browser settings to do this. You can find more information about cookies at: All About Cookies.

Your Privacy rights and whom to contact:

We respect your legal rights in relation to your data. For details on the rights available to you, please refer our Privacy Policy. In case you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Policy or wish to exercise any of the rights available to you, please contact [email protected]

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