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At Nearsoft we specialize in extending our client’s software development teams. In over ten years, we have built expertise in many software development languages.

For example, here’s our Java resume…

Java in Mexico?

Java by the Numbers

Java is widespread in Mexico, used in travel, healthcare, and other industries. Most colleges teach it at the core of their Software Engineering courses.

We’ve gotten pretty good at spotting great Java developers. Approximately one quarter of our staff works with Java and related technologies as their primary language.

Java by the Numbers

Java by the Numbers

As with all our recruiting, we are very selective when it comes to Java developers.

  • Almost 1600 Java candidates have applied to be part of our team. We have hired about 60 of them to become part of our extended clients’ teams. That’s just 4% of the total pool.
  • BTW, 16 of them came from our special training program called Nearsoft Academy.
  • Six of our clients develop software using Java.

So we’ve got the bragging rights. We’re good at recruiting and training Java talent.

Java-based Clients

Java Frameworks and Technologies

Java Coding

Spring (Boot, MVC, Data, Batch, Security, Web Services), Ant, Maven, Gradle, Apache commons, Google Guice, Hibernate, iBatis, JUnit, Flyway, Liquibase, TestNG, Grails, jBPM, AspectJ, Mockito, Easymock, Struts, Hamcrest, JDO, EJBs, JSPs, Apache FOP, JNDI, Servlets, JSP, Tapestry, Vaadin, JavaFX, Spock, Guava, Tomcat, Jetty.

Java Community and Events

Java Meetup

We’re connected to the international Java community. Our developers attend several conferences a year.

We sponsor the Mexico City JVM Group.

DojoLive! Java Edition

This video podcast is a series of interviews with industry leaders, including these well-known programming experts,

Uncle Bob

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Bryson Payne

Bryson Payne

Alex Bunardzic

Alex Bunardzic

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