Paola Trujillo is an Industrial Engineer from Hermosillo, Sonora. Her work has shifted from industrial processes to people processes.

The People’s Engineer

Paola studied Industrial Engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM). After graduating she started working for a Mexican giant called FEMSA. Her specialty was Processes Evaluation with Lean and Just-in-Time Methodologies to reach strategic objectives.

In her two years at Nearsoft her work has turned towards people and their relationships with the Nearsoftian community. Through the Building My Legacy program, Paola has connected the threads of our company’s vision with Nearsoftians’ individual drives for the future.

This is especially impressive taking into account that this program thrives in a flat workplace where managers or traditional bosses are removed from the equation.

She’s currently designing a customized evaluation system to measure people’s growth through her team’s established People Development programs. This initiative is focused on the ownership of achieving personal goals and their impact to Nearsoft’s overarching vision.

Paola’s Inspiration

Paola’s inspiration at work derives from helping people achieve their true potential in order to reach Nearsoft’s collective potential. As she puts it, “there comes a point in the conversation where people have to decide how they would like to transform themselves to make an impact and build their legacy.”

One of the most enlightening books in her life is Operational Finances by Javier Duarte Schlageter. Her favorite movie is Will Smith’s The Pursuit of Happiness.

Paola at Work

Paola agrees with Nearsoft’s vision and philosophy. In her own words, “at Nearsoft nothing is black and white, everything comes from an individual to a collective standpoint, where MY best becomes OUR best.”

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