Mariel De la Cruz is a manual tester from Chihuahua, Mexico. She planned to be a developer but ended up discovering testing.

Learning through the Experience of Others

Mariel’s experience in college was like any other student’s. Being a woman was never a problem for her in school. In her own words, “I think something tells women that STEM careers are only for men.”

Her strategy as a student was to learn from the experience of others. Books and classes always took a second place to a real live conversation with another human being.

She didn’t have to be the best when she could talk to the best.

She originally planned to become a software developer. After graduating, she was offered a position as Manual Tester. Doing the job she figured out that the soft skills she had practiced all along were very useful in her new career. There is a social component to the job she enjoys.

Mariel’s Inspiration

Mariel views herself as a highly curious person. This is what inspired her to be a Tester, she always needs to be transforming things with her hands.

Her working habits carry on to her hobbies.  She’s an avid knitter and cook. Her most famous creations are mermaid-shaped blankets.

She doesn’t consider herself a nerd.  In her own words, “the last videogame I played was Super Mario Brothers for the NES.”

She enjoys a very peculiar brand of sports, F1 racing. Her favorite pilots are Nico Rosberg and sometimes, Lewis Hamilton (just because he loves his dogs). Although being Mexican, she has a soft spot for Sergio “Checo” Perez.

Her favorite movie is Big Fish, starring Ewan McGregor. A book that inspired her to “learn socially” was Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Week”.

Mariel at Work

Mariel never thought an open space like Nearsoft could exist in her hometown of Chihuahua. She’s been a Nearsoftian for two years and feels that, “my definition of happiness at the office are my teammates. They’re like true friends, we take care of each other, and have a relationship beyond our roles at work. Communication flows freely, and any questions can be answered with trust.”

For more information about Manual Testing or if you also feel that #ILookLikeanEngineer, please contact Mariel at [email protected]