Karen Garcia is a Scrum Master from Hermosillo, Sonora. She knows every aspect of the software development process very well.

She has carved a pretty wide arc in her time at Nearsoft, from a complex documentation challenge to being recognized for her leadership.

From Team Player to Team Leader

Karen Garcia is a Computer Science major with a Masters in Tech Management.

Her first role at Nearsoft was to document an ERP platform. It was typical legacy code. Many different developers had had a hand at it over a long period of time. Hard to decode, to say the least. She did an outstanding job of it.

She then worked as a test engineer for several years.

Currently, she is ScrumMaster and helps software teams leverage Agile practices and metrics.

Karen is also a Success Coach at Nearsoft. She is in constant communications with clients, developers, and everybody involved in the software life cycle.

Karen has become a leader and inspires others to achieve greatness.

Karen’s Inspiration

Her favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Back to the Future trilogy. When it comes to music she prefers slow, romantic pop jams.

She considers herself a more outdoors kind of person, preferring a day on the countryside. She’s looking forward to travel to historic cities, such as Queretaro and Guanajuato.

Her favorite dishes are Pozole and Ceviche.

Karen’s motivation is to provide inspiration for her family and children.

Karen at Work

Karen has been working with Nearsoft since 2007, when it was founded.

She enjoys the way Nearsoftian culture embraces failure. In her own words, “at Nearsoft you can be yourself, flaws and all. You can work without fear of making mistakes. For us, mistakes are a path to learning, and just another chance to rise to the challenge.”

For more on Agile and Software Development, or if you think #ILookLikeanEngineer contact Karen at [email protected]