Janneth Amaya is a Software Engineer from Delicias, Chihuahua. She chose Systems Engineering over Computer Sciences with a very unscientific flip of a coin.

A Lucky Engineer

Janneth studied Systems Engineering at the Ciudad Delicias Institute of Technology and the Cuauhtemoc Institute of Technology in her home state of Chihuahua.

She started out working for the Chihuahuan State Congress administering internal systems for two years, while she was getting a Microsoft certification. Later she worked with Gamma Partners, a company from Chicago with developers in Mexico.

She’s currently working happily at Nearsoft as a Software Engineer.

Janneth’s Inspiration

Janneth is inspired by the huge impact her job can make. In her own words, “A minor adjustment like a button in a different place, or reducing the number of clicks can have a huge impact in what you’re developing. You are helping people do things with ease in every single place in the world.”

Her favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. In her opinion none of the movies out there can really live up to the book. When it comes to music she likes listening to Blues and French music, since she’s studying the language.

She started playing the guitar seven years ago and is currently learning how to play the violin.

On the sports department, Janneth plays tennis and enjoys yoga.

Janneth at Work

Janneth likes the freedom Nearsoft provides to share what she learns with others. As she puts it, “I can learn from and teach others. At Nearsoft I feel balanced like never before.”

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