Carolina Moreno is a Test Engineer from Hermosillo, Sonora. She can easily be described as a hard core nerd and a very social person.

A Happy Leader

Carolina wanted to become something in the range of a psychologist and a designer. Her love of math drove her to study Computing Systems Engineering. She was so good at it that she graduated after only two years with the highest score of her class.

In her seven years as an engineer, she has become a recognized leader.  She eliminates roadblocks by making sure that requirements are clear, and there’s good communication within the development team, and with her client.

She even took an active role referring her friends for open positions. Nearsoft now looks like Carolina’s high school yearbook! It shows that happy people attract other good people.

Carolina’s Inspiration

Carolina is inspired by stories full of magic and fantasy. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Dr. Who, to name a few. She’s also used to be a nerdy Dungeons and Dragons, and Ragnarok player.

She’s never really been the sporty kind, but she stays healthy and fit as a gym regular.

Rather than going to wild parties, Carolina enjoys long conversations over coffee and a good game of cards.

Carolina has visited friends in London, Rome, and Amsterdam. Oddly, in spite of her travels, she never experienced snow fall until a January 2017 in Flagstaff, AZ.

Carolina at Work

Carolina describes Nearsoft as a relaxed workplace. In her own words, “it’s easy to get along with others at Nearsoft.  Big problems can be solved easily when no hierarchical barriers exist between people and you can ask anybody for help.”

She believes that Nearsoft’s flat organization has given Test Engineers the opportunity to be more integrated with their teams.  This is reflected in better, higher quality products for her clients.

For more information on Test Engineering or if you also feel that #ILookLikeanEngineer, you can contact her at [email protected].