Aurora Velez is a Test Engineer from Hermosillo, Sonora. She’s a seasoned engineer with almost ten years of experience.

Ever the Perfectionist

Aurora became interested in computers since a very young age. She enrolled in technical courses, “it felt like a natural fit for me. Assembling computers was like a puzzle.”

She studied Systems Engineering at the Hermosillo Institute of Technology. She worked in IT Support before transitioning to a Manual Tester position at Nearsoft. She is one of the eldest Nearsoftians, nine years and counting.

She considers herself a perfectionist, “I find a lot of satisfaction by doing little things very well.”

Her new challenge is to focusing on Automation and as a Certified Agile Tester.

Aurora’s Inspiration

Aurora feels like Manual Testers are the engineers that know most about the app they’re working on. She draws inspiration from putting this knowledge to work towards pushing the project forward.

Her favorite movie is Jodie Foster’s Contact which got her interested in Cosmology. Her favorite book is Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

On a personal note, her number one motivator is watching her baby girl, Teresa, laugh.

Aurora at Work

What Aurora most likes about Nearsoft is the people she works with. In her own words, “Nearsoftians are really relaxed and true to who they are. They’re always themselves and it is contagious.”

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