How to Find a Nearshore Partner

Many companies grow their business by expanding their operations with Nearshore vendors. It’s common practice specially for software companies when their talent pipelines run dry. So you’re not alone in looking for a nearshore partner that actually works. But the journey can be a hard one if you don’t exactly what and how to look for it.

Here’s a quick guide to getting started.

Do You Know What You Want?

Most of the companies never ask these questions and go for the first one that has available people or that has a budget right for them. Without doing much investigation, you have 60% or more of having a failing relationship. As with any relationship it is better to start slow and get all of the facts before moving on.

Think of your company first. Understanding your journey up to this point will help you figure out what you are looking for in a nearshore partner. Answer these questions before beginning the search.

What Is the Problem You Are Trying to Solve?

What got you to this point? We know it is not easy to find an engineer that fits your needs. Competition makes it difficult to hire people locally.Is your board is pushing to deliver and you do not have the team available? 

Or are you on the verge of launching a new product? You may not have time to waste if you’re growing exponentially.

How Do You Expect the Vendor to Match Your Company?

The problem you are trying to solve will only be solved by matching your company with the right vendor. So, what are you expecting from your Nearshore partner? 

  1. Quick recruitment
  2. Cultural alignment
  3. Fit your budget
  4. Agile practices
  5. Quality software development

These are options most companies expect from Nearshore vendors. Make sure you are looking for the company that will help you solve your problems.

How Do You Expect the Vendor to Engage with Your Company?

Once you are sure the company you are working with can match yours. It’s time to go back to what you need and ask them how they are going to engage with your team.

If you want a dedicated team you should expect that group of people to be 100% there for you. Otherwise you might be looking for a team to develop a software project that will then move on to helping other companies. 

Remember, based on your needs, the Nearshore partner you choose should be well equipped .

Make a List of Nearshore Software Vendors

The next step is to make a very simple list considering what you just answered. After all you are the buyer, you get to choose. 

To make the journey easier and smoother we’ve done the heavy lifting of putting together a list of the top 30 Nearshore software developers for companies based in the United States. 

Feel free to download the list and make a decision by including your own ranking factors.

Download the List

Cultural Alignment

Outside of a “technical compatibility” it is essential that both companies understand each other in terms of company culture. While technical abilities will be outdated over time, the more social abilities around software development  are forever.

Done should always mean done on both sides. Sticking to planning like scrum meetings or setting deadlines in place should be easy. Look for a company that fits your values and way of doing things.

Partnering with Nearsoft

Who knows? We might be a fit. Our company was designed from the start to partner with Software Companies in the United States. And we’ve been successfully doing it for 10 years with great players in the field of Healthcare, Travel and Education.

Take a look at our Engagement Process, we’re probably a good fit for you.

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