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The spread of COVID-19 is threatening our health in the short term, and our business in the mid to long term. The struggles companies are facing to stay home and adopt quarantine measures is but the tipping point of a large scale economic disruption yet to come.

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Software solutions are a key component of preventing this chaotic scenario. For many organizations business continuity can be achieved with the use of software. Keeping up with emerging challenges is now a day to day scenario.

Companies should take as much action as possible today to sustain operations and have the systems in place to keep their collaborators productive.

Outsourcing will come to be a normal practice for many companies seeking to mitigate risks and cover critical services for their business. As long as they don’t stray too far away.

Closer is Better for Software Development

Traditionally offshore solutions are seen as a cheap way to get things done. That is if you don’t take on account the quality of the work delivered and the hassle of actually making it happen. Working with a distributed team across the globe puts a strain on communication and cultural alignment. Simply put, being far away from each other, makes teams less responsive. 

Here are some things to watch out for,

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Being more than five times zones apart.

Saying good morning and good night at almost the same time is more important than you might think. The ability to respond to an emergency is easily exemplified if you think of how long it takes for a team more than five hours away to answer one of your emails.

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The Ratio of Project Managers to Software Developers

A standard team abroad needs an engagement manager for every six software engineers. So instead of investing your money in more talent to develop solutions. You pay extra just to keep operations in place.

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Offshore Overhead Expenses in Software Development

Picture sending equipment abroad, or hiring a translator just to be able to communicate with your team. Little by little expenses can pile up if your team is too far away from your main headquarters. Consider making an expenses checklist before partnering with an offshore vendor.

A Reliable Nearshore Partner for your SaaS

Partnering with a Nearshore vendor means the same reliable cost efficiency you’ve come to expect from offshore organizations, but made easy. 

Outsourcing on a nearby shore means complementing your team will be filled with talented individuals that are culturally aligned, language proficient and are familiar with local regulations. All this is a given if you are in neighboring countries.

Partnering with Nearsoft

Our company was designed from the start to partner with Software Companies in the United States. And we’ve been successfully doing it for 10 years with great players in the field of Healthcare, Travel and Education.

Take a look at our Engagement Process, we’re probably a good fit for you.

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